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Below you will find various Behind the Scenes videos from my projects over the past couple of years.  Some of them are in depth, some give a rundown of the gear involved, and others just show a particular piece of gear in action.  You will find that they are listed in chronological order of when they were released.


Mobius BTS – The following is a BTS piece put together by Mr. Vimeo himself – Blake Whitman – on the set of Mobius during production in September 2011.  You can also read a more in depth article on the production and the Canon C300 by going HERE.



Timefest BTS – Here is a behind the scenes look at Timefest (a time-lapse retreat that Eric Kessler and Tom Lowe put together in July 2011) – It includes a sneak peak at the prototype of the Kessler Fusion from Kessler Crane – here you go!  A special thanks to Eric Kessler and Tom Guilemette for the behind the scenes video!  For a list of Time Lapse gear that I use go HERE.


Alcatraz BTS  Here is a behind the scenes piece on a job to shoot footage for the Red Bull King of the Rock – a global one-on-one basketball tournament held in the yard on Alcatraz! We were to shoot a series of time lapses and some RED EPIC footage for use in the TV promo.  For more information on the shoot you can read the article HERE.


CA Trip Behind The Scenes Part 3 – Data Management and Workflow –  As you can imagine on our trip we shot an incredible amount of data – and while we were on the road – often times only with the RV power.  The below video (and this article) detail how we were able to wrangle all of that data and process the incredibly large .R3D files from the Epic.


CA Trip Behind The Scenes Part 2 – Time Lapse/Live Action & Sliders – One of the main objectives our trip was to use the Kessler gear for both Timelapse and Live Action shooting.  The below time-lapse shows how we used the Kessler Crane for shots with the RED EPIC and the Kessler Shuttle Pod for time-lapse shots while on location at Mono Lake.  You can read more about this in the accompanying post.


CA Trip Behind The Scenes Part 1- Overview – In May of 2011 I set out in an RV to test out my brand new RED EPIC, as well as some new Kessler gear.  The following video and accompanying post detail what gear we brought with us on the trip, as well as some of our first used of it at our first stop in the Redwood Forest.


VW Spec Ad BTS – in February 2010 I was asked to shoot a VW Spec Commercial using the Canon 1D Mk IV.  The Phoenix Group came along for the ride and documented the process.  As a result there are seven episodes covering a variety of different aspects of the production from Lens selection to Post Production.  You can also check this series of videos out over at the Canon Learning Center.

Episode One: Shooting with EF Lenses


Episode Two: Camera Settings


Episode Three: Lighting & Audio


Episode Four: Video Capture & Focus


Episode Five: Monitoring Video


Episode Six: Editing & Delivery


Episode Seven: Shooting Tips


Behind The Still: Chapter 8 – Corridors BTS II  – This post provides my thoughts on shooting the final chapter of the Vimeo/Canon Beyond The Still competition, and below there is a great behind the scenes clip reel that shows you all the equipment we got to use to bring this story to an end.  For an in depth article on what the production was like from one of the winner’s points of view – head over to Ryan Booth’s blog


Behind The Still: Chapter 8 – Corridors BTS I  – Here is the first behind the scenes video released for the final chapter of Beyond The Still.  This one was once again made by Blake Whitman, as he came out to visit while we were shooting the final chapter.


Famous Footwear "Neighborhood" BTS – Director Loni Peristere of Zoic Studios asked me to shoot 3 commercials with him over a little more than a week in Vancouver.  One of those 3 – was to be shot at 600 fps – at night – with snow and with motion control!  Below is a BTS that shows our day on set, and below that is a time-lapse of our entire set-up.  You can read my detailed thoughts on this shoot in the accompanying blog post.


5D on a Steadicam Quick BTS – This is a video of one of my favorite allies in many of my productions – Director/DP and Steadicam operator Charles Papert (SOC) – we mounted a GoPro HD on his steadicam and let it rip.   You should be able to appreciate how smooth the motion is on the camera (he’s a 20+ year veteran- been operating the steadi since he was in his teens…) and also the fine control he has on the rig with his fingers


Napoli Italy Timelapse Shot BTS – This is a blog post that details the gear we used to shoot time-lapse in Napoli Italy, as well as an example of time-lapse from that trip.  Additionally I share my enthusiasm for moving the camera during a time-lapse shot – which takes your time-lapses to a whole new level.


Using the iPad on a Commercial Set BTS – I shot an effects heavy spot for the latest Twisted Metal game in May of 2010.  The technical nature of the shoot meant that I needed to have boards and animatics prepared and be able to constantly access them for discussions with the director and producers.  In the below video you can see how I used the iPad on set to accomplish this.


USAA – DSLR Hybrid Shoot BTS – VSA partners asked me to produce an annual report for USAA that would live both in print and digitally on the web as both stills and video segments.  I though that readers might appreciate a slide show of images that show what such a production might entail in terms of gear.  You’ll find pictures of a wide variety of gear from:  Canon, Apple, Black Magic, Bogen, Denecke, Formatt, Gitzo, Glidetrack, IDX, LitePanels, Manfrotto, Marhsall Electronics, MicroDolly, Preston, O’Connor, RedByte, RedRock Micro, Sound Devices, Think Tank, Tiffen, Zacuto, Zeiss.  You can also find out more by reading the original post.


Behind The Still: Chapter 1 – The Cabbie BTS – While this post is mostly an explanation of the contest itself – the below video gives some insight into the motivation behind the Beyond The Still contest as well as a look at our on set production.


Nocturne BTS I: Lights Out, Camera, Action – This is my first post on "Nocturne," and the 1D MkIV.  At the time of the post, Canon wasn’t letting us share any video, so I give my initial impressions of the camera and its low light performance, as well as some background on the shoot.

Nocturne BTS II: Updates, Notes, and Explanations – This is my follow up post to the post above which goes into greater technical detail and answers the myriad of questions that I got after the initial preview of "Nocturne" and the 1D Mk IV.

Nocturne BTS Video – Canon eventually let us repost the "Nocturne" video and with it we were also able to post this behind the scenes look at the production of the short.  You can read more in the accompanying blog post.


Jamie O’ Brien BTS II – Neutral Density Filters – In this post I cover my use of Neutral Density Filters for shooting video, in this case on my shoot with Jamie O’ Brien.  The accompanying blog post also has some great information about what other gear we used for support of the HDDSLRs and the RED ONE Camera.

Jamie O’ Brien BTS I – Gear  – This is the first installment of Behind the Scenes from my Jamie O’ Brien shoot in Hawaii.  I go over the various gear we brought along with us and how and why we are using it.

AcroBack/Steadicam BTS – Here is a quick behind the scenes look at the Canon 5D MKII – mounted on a Steadicam.  It is a quick look at a video and stills hybrid project that I did with the Acroback group.

Reverie BTS – And finally here is the behind the scenes piece for the video that got me my start in filmmaking.  Just from this video you can see how much fun we were having – we knew we were playing with something incredibly cool, and for a photographer – it was so incredible to see my images come to life with such ease.