World Online Premiere of The Beyond The Still Final Collaborative Film

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This should be hitting the web at the exact same time we have the back-to-back premiere all 8 final chapters of the year-long Beyond The Still contest,  live at the Sundance Film Festival .

Below you’ll find three movies.    The first is a compilation of all 8 Chapters as one final piece.   The second is the final and 8th Chapter (not preceded by the previous 7)  that was written by all 6 of the chapter winners, starring Judd Nelson, that I directed alongside DP, Joe Desalvo.

And the third – a new behind the scenes video of the Chapter 8 shoot with all of the 6 winners on set.

This has been an incredibly exciting year – and working with the 6 chapter winners on Chapter eight was the highlight of the entire experience for me.   Congratulations to them and to all of those who entered and/or followed what is being called the largest online collaborative film contest in history by Vimeo.  Grey Advertising tells me that the project has made close to 200 million impressions over the past year.

A special thanks goes to the cast, crew, the winners, The Joneses, Crewcuts NYC, Company 3 LA, and to Canon and Vimeo for everything they did to make this happen!

I.  All Chapters 1-8 – The Final Collaborative Film – Runtime: 37 minutes.

II. For those who have been following the entire process and want to cut straight to the conclusion– here is Chapter 8 ONLY – Runtime: 9 minutes. CLICK ON HD on the lower left of the Vimeo player TO SEE IT IN FULL 1080p and go FULL SCREEN – the streaming quality is pretty stunning!

III. Here is a new (2nd) “Making of video” shot & edited by Chris Dowsett:

Click below to see more behind the scenes images shot by Ryan Booth from his great blog post here. I recommend you check out his post as it’s the best one I’ve read that talks to the experience the 6 chapter winners went through during the final chapter’s shoot.