1st Chapter Video is LIVE

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When I was asked to interpret the still image of an abandoned teddy bear at an airport terminal – a thousand different interpretations flooded my mind.

I wanted to create a dynamic film that took the audience on a journey and showed off many of the strengths of this new breed of HD DSLR cameras.   This breed of cameras’ low light capabilities and light weight allow you to do things you’d never thing of trying with traditional cameras.    But almost more importantly:  I had to make sure that we made a film that both photographers brand new to filmmaking  as well as more seasoned filmmakers  felt that they could easily follow.

This project is about bringing EVERYONE into the fold – regardless of their prior experience or their access to “toys.”   We’re looking for a series of ORIGINAL films that spotlight your talent and creativity.

We are not asking anyone to try to make a polished Hollywood film… ideas always win in my book. The quality of execution always plays a role of course – but on this one contest it will take a clear back seat.

This has been an amazing experience and I am quite confident that it’s just the beginning.   The film you are about to see will open on a still and then it will come to life in this short film.   You will notice that this first chapter comes to an end on a still of its own – that’s where you come in and run with it.   Take that still and follow in my footsteps if you will with your own interpretation of it.

A few IMPORTANT notes: I think that each chapter should make it clear that it is one of many – i.e. that something needs to come next.   Also – I was asked to interpret the initial still pretty closely -I do know that we don’t expect you to be able to do the same.   While you may not be able to start in a similar setting, or even with the same object, or the lighting that you’ll see at the end of this film – just make sure that whatever you shoot will transition smoothly from this initial chapter to what you are submitting.   To be clear: this does NOT HAVE to be one continuous narrative that is carried through over several chapters…  as long as the still that starts YOUR film is similar enough or in the same spirit of the previous still – that’s good enough for us.  In other words: BE CREATIVE!    As long as each chapters flows from one to the next – this experiment will succeed.
Contest rules / details  TO COME SHORTLY on the Vimeo page.
I hope you enjoy this short – we had a blast making it – and now it’s your turn.
In case you missed it – here is the “Making of” video: