Monitoring: Wireless Solutions

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Paralinx Arrow Wireless HD Video Transmission System B&H Mfr. Site

Comments:  The Paralinx is just as strong as the Teradek below.  The only limitation is that the kits is only HDMI right now (although there are HDSDI versions in the works) and therefore you can’t mix and match w/ HDSDI right now which can be a pain in production.  This will be fixed soon enough I’m sure.  The transmitter is incredibly small as well, and can be powered with a mini-USB cable out of the Small HD DP-4 which is fantastic.  Keep in mind that you need to power the receiver with  a camera power output, an Anton Bauer battery + plate w/ D-Tap outlet, or directly from a Lipo battery.

Description (from Paralinx): The motion picture industry’s first affordable yet professional wireless HD system. Uncompressed 4:2:2 1920×1080 10-bit video.  Less than 2ms latency. Supports multiple framerates and resolutions. Operates on 5v power (Transmitter requires 1A, Receiver 2.1A). Range of over 300ft (91m) line-of-sight. 256-bit encryption of transmitted signals. FCC, CE, and ROHS certified. HDMI video input/output. Transmitter weighs less than 40 grams. Plug & Play–no set-up required.

Teradek Bolt 1080p Wireless SDI Monitoring Transmitter and Reciever B&H Mfr. Site

Comments: I use BOTH Teradek and Paralinx.  Why?  Inside they are basically identical in terms of range, transmission etc.   The most important factors is that there is close to ZERO latency (delay) with both of these units.  When you have several milliseconds of delay, that can create havoc when you’re working with an operator on joysticks as things lag….   This is the most versatile system in that you can pair either an HDMI or HDSDI transmitter to both HDMI and HDSDI transmitters easily – so you can work w/ all systems and inputs whether you’re using an HDSLR or a camera w/ the more standard HDSDI.   The Bolt Transmitters also have built in power that lasts around 45 minutes, but I used D-Tap power whenever I can to shoot continually powered by camera output, an Anton Bauer battery + plate w/ D-Tap outlet, or directly from a Lipo battery.   Keep in mind that the receiver units need to be powered similarly (and don’t have any internal batteries.)

Description (from small B&H): The Teradek Bolt Pro Wireless 1080p60 SDI Monitoring Transmitter & Receiver wirelessly transmits an uncompressed HD video signal in up to 1080p60 4:2:2 as far as 300 ft with zero delay. The receiver features two 3G-SDI outputs for dual monitoring. One of these can be used to pass the video signal to an optional Teradek Cube Encoder, which will stream the signal even further on by WiFi or Ethernet, although only in up to 1080p30. The Bolt Pro transmitter has a looping SDI output for local monitoring, a 70 minute internal battery, and can connect to more than one receiver in order to multiply the outputs.

Teradek Case B&H Mfr. Site

Comments: This is the most inexpensive way of getting portable VTR and an incredibly impressive array of features.

Description (from Teradek):  The combination of small size, low power, and versatility in a single, well-designed system makes for a powerful and elegant wireless VTR system. Cube is pre-configured to automatically begin recording a proxy file the moment record is pressed on the camera. An instant daily is created when recording is started in realtime on the Mac Mini server in the ubiquitous .MOV or .MP4 formats. The recorded file will be identical in name, start and stop times, and timecode as the original file still on the camera’s storage. It will also be available for immediate review on any LivePlay equipped iPad on set. LivePlay users are able to add comments with a simple touch of a button in completely customizable data fields with managed user privileges and reporting.

Boxx TV, Ltd. Meridian System   Mfr. Site

Comments: This is a pretty essential unit for any serious production in my opinion – when you want to shed cables.  The price point of this unit makes it a likely rental item – but for my productions it’s an essential unit.  This is one of the most reliable HD wireless transmitters out there – it’s closest competitor is 3-4X as expensive.  This will allow for a 1st AC to pull focus live off of a high definition monitor – and for totally wireless operation of the body on a Steadicam or pretty much any configuration.   This is the "big brother" of wireless in top productions to the units above – but comes with a price tag that is nearly 5-8X higher depending on configurations.

Description (from Boxx TV): The Meridian system has been designed for high quality, zero delay, short range transmissions.  In line with our existing product range, the Meridian system uses licence exempt channels and offers secure encrypted transmissions. It can be used for a variety of applications including large screen presentations, award ceremonies and live broadcast events.