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Below you will find a collection of interviews related to photography that I have done over the years.


Discussion on Chase Jarvis Live – I sat down with fellow photographer Chase Jarvis for a discussion on his weekly webcast – chasejarvisLIVE. We had a great time talking about photography, video, and everything in between. 


Panel with Zack Arias, Jasmine Star, Rob Haggart, and Joey Lawrence moderated by Chase Jarvis – I had the pleasure of sitting down in on a panel during Chase Jarvis’ talk at Photo Plus in New York City.  Chase gave a great talk, but what was even cooler is that he invited a number of different photographer’s up on stage for a discussion on “The New Creativity and the Social Art of Photography“ – panelists included Zack Arias Jasmine StarRob HaggartJoey Lawrence, and myself.


Interview with Marc Silber– A couple of months ago, San Francisco based photographer and founder of, Marc Silber, came down to my studio in El Segundo and sat down with me for an informal interview for his web series, “Advancing Your Photography.”  We discussed my approach to photography, with an emphasis on how much time goes into preparing for each shoot.  I hope you enjoy the interview with Marc, and if you are interested in more episodes of his web series, they can be found by visiting  There are interviews with Chase JarvisJoey Lawrence, and others.  They are incredibly insightful and educational – I recommend checking them out!


Night Flight over NYC BTS (and other thoughts) – While this article mostly contains my thoughts on the shift that I’ve made from photography to filmmaking, it also contains an interview I did right after I left the staff of The New York Times in 2006 and entered freelance commercial photography, which you can see below.


Interview with Scott Bourne – I had the chance to talk over the phone with Scott Bourne – who many of you may already know – for hisPhotofocus podcast.  I am featured in episode #45, which you can listen to for free by either subscribing to the Photofocus podcast feed – OR – streaming it from iTunes. 


In A Photoshop Age, Can You Believe Your Eyes? – A radio show on NPR that I was featured on as a guest back in 2008, in which we discuss the trustworthiness of news images in the age of Photoshop. 

Digital Aerials – Article by Rob Galbraith regarding my aerial photography of New York City. This one dates back to 2004 during my time at the NY Times as a staff photographer.