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Feedback, suggestions, links, ideas and criticism are totally welcome!  That being said: I already have a hard time keeping up with my regular e-mail as is…  so please make every effort to post any questions / comments etc. within the blog.  I WILL get to it eventually – and everyone else will benefit by having access to the information. That being said – if you need to get in touch with me for business purposes you can of course get in touch with me through my main contact page on my website (laforetvisuals.com) or send an e-mail to: web (at) vincentlaforet.com Also – if you put the word "CONFIDENTIAL" in your subject line – I will keep you e-mails confidential – i.e. if you e-mail me directly – I may respond to you e-mail on the blog (unless you ask me not to) – but won’t reveal who the original e-mail came from… trying to keep everyone happy. ALSO: PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY COMMENTS BELOW – There are too many comments coming in and I usually try to keep up with only the top two or three most recent posts – and have a tough time doing that.  So please ask questions on the two most recent threads. Thanks for your understanding.