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Having been involved in still photography, and more recently motion photography, for the better part of the last twenty years, I am eager to teach others what I have learned. I have given some advice on this blog, lectured at universities, and been fortunate enough to lead workshops around the globe.

Most recently I have teamed up with my friend, Chase Jarvis, and CreativeLIVE – the world’s first LIVE creative internet channel.  For the past two years (April 2010 and March 2011), we have streamed a workshop in which we shared as much information about HDDSLR cinema as we possibly could.  I found this to be the best way to reach the largest volume of people out there interested in HDDSLR filmmaking with the highest quality of comprehensive information.  While the initial workshop was streamed LIVE and for FREE – the full workshops are currently available for purchase.


An Introduction to HDDSLR Cinema:

This was the first course that I teamed up with creativeLIVE to produce.  It is aimed at photographer’s who are just getting their hands dirty in video.  I spend a majority of the time going over the different gear and equipment that you may encounter on any video production, as much of this will be new to people coming from the world of stills.  I also demonstrate how this gear can be used to achieve a variety of cinematic techniques that are common in all films.  My hope is that this course can show you the tools and rules for filmmaking so that you can spend time crafting the most important part of any film: story.  You can check out the course by clicking HERE.


HDDSLR: Moving from Still to Video:

This was my most recent endeavor with creativeLIVE.  I designed the course to be an intermediate stepping stone that builds upon the last course.  While I touch on some gear, I greater time going into depth with cinematic techniques.  I do my best to weave these techniques around other important production considerations, including pre-production, workflow, and scheduling logistics.  Tune into day two for a crash course on putting together a small documentary piece, and tune into day three for a a comprehensive look at how to shoot a narrative scene.  Check out the full course by clicking HERE.

Please understand that I receive a few dozen e-mails each day, and dozens of blog posts as well – I do my best to read every single one of them – however, taking the time to answer each and every one adequately would quickly overwhelm me.   Therefore, I found the best solution was to put most of what I knew into these three-day workshops.

I look forward to continuing to answer the most frequently asked questions on my blog as we go forward.   If however, you need answers now, or need a specific topic covered in greater depth, please check out these workshops!

I really enjoyed getting all of this information off my chest and out onto the web.  I hope it provides all the answers to your HDDSLR cinema questions, and I look forward to offering more learning experiences in the future!