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It is important to me that I lay out my ethics and principles in running my blog.

The following is an attempt to enact full disclosure with my readership concerning my business relationships and how they relate to this blog.

First of all, though I have a background in journalism, for the purposes of this blog, I am not a reporter. I am simply a professional filmmaker and photographer who enjoys discussing my craft and sharing as many tips and tricks I can. I tend to focus my writing on filmmaking, photography, technology, and gadgets, but occasionally I post bits of news, videos, and other links – all the views I write about in this blog are expressly my own.

However, it should be noted that my blog does have a number of companies that support it (which you can find under the “blog sponsors” link on the top left column of the main page).  My relationship with these companies is as follows:

A. I do not run any ads on this site – I have never wanted to jeopardize my ability to speak freely and find that running any advertisement would create a noticeable conflict.

B. This blog’s supporters have agreed to help keep this blog running.  They are not buying anything, and I am not looking to make a profit.   My goal is for all of the funds go straight back into this blog and employees/production/post production who help in the production of the material & videos for the blog.

C. I also told the blog’s supporters that I would talk about any manufacturer and any product out there – good or bad – regardless of whether or not those manufacturers or products were direct competitors with them or not.

D. I haven’t guaranteed them anything in return for their support of this blog – other than to list them as supporters and to keep this blog rolling as it has.  They are free to pull out at anytime- no strings attached.

You can read more by following this link to my initial post on the subject.

It’s also important for me to point out that I am a member of Apple’s “Aperture Advisory Committee” and a Canon “Explorer of Light” and “Printmaster” and that I have signed Non Disclosure Agreements with these and many other companies as well – and therefore I cannot comment on any future products/features etc or make any forward looking statements – regardless of whether or not I am aware of anything down the pipeline.   So please don’t ask me if I think “x” camera is being released in a few months if “x” feature may someday be part of any product, or if you should wait to buy a new product etc…  I’m sure you understand but I can’t make any comments whatsoever in this regard.  Doing so would jeopardize my relationships with these companies.

That being said I am happy to discuss any current product, how it works, and offer any tips/advice/resources that I have at my disposal.

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