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I have had the great fortune of being invited to many excellent panels and interviews over the course of my career.  I believe that much can be learned from putting two heads together (whether its an interviewer and interviewee, or a panel of people essentially "interviewing" one another) because the two inherently challenge and ask questions, which provides more in depth answers from those who are sharing.  Below I have compiled a good number of the panels and interviews I have been involved in that are available online.


Adobe Panel at Sundance: How Technology is Influencing Storytelling – I had the pleasure to be part of a panel at the Sundance Film Festival 2012.   Adobe invited filmmakers Sharlto Copley, Rob Legato, Jacob Rosenberg and myself to share some of our thoughts on where all of this new technology is taking us as filmmakers.


Discussion on Chase Jarvis Live – I sat down with fellow photographer Chase Jarvis for a discussion on his weekly webcast – chasejarvisLIVE.  We had a great time talking about photography, video, and everything in between.  The whole thing was done in anticipation of my second creativeLIVE workshop – Moving from Stills to Video – which was a lot of fun, and I encourage you to check out.


Vimeo Film Festival Panel: DSLR Cinema – The New Dawn of Filmmaking – One of the biggest draws of the festival (outside of the amazing films being featured) was the amount of panels and Q&A’s between various speakers that were offered.  I was fortunate enough to be included on one of these panels with my fellow DSLR shooter from across the Atlantic, Philip Bloom.  Naturally, the topic of our conversation was DSLR cinema, but with a focus on its current strengths and weaknesses, and what the future holds for it.  The discussion was moderated by filmmaker and camera expert, David Leitner.


Interviews with Cinema 5D – Jared Abrams from Cinema5D stopped by the studio to sit down and chat, catching me right as we were in the midst of packing for a trip to Italy.  We still had time for a good talk though, and he even got me to expound on my love/hate relationship with gear – notice all the gear strewn about in the video – we packed 22 bags for the trip!  The interview is embedded above, and you can read more at


Interview on a Photo Editor with Rob Haggart – An interview with Rob Haggart from around the time of Nocturne in which I discuss my transition from stills to video as well as the strengths of the HDDSLRs and where they fit in this new world of filmmaking.