My Gear: Timelapse and Motion Control

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Solutions for Motion Control that include Kessler’s elektraDRIVE system, which can be paired with the various sliders listed on the JIBS and SLIDERS page.  These motors and controllers work using internal, computerized parameters and are controlled with hardware interfaces that manipulate these parameters over an Ethernet cable connection. 



These controllers and motors are more advanced, running all information through a digital "brain" that distributes information to each of the gears and motors on your system.  All of that information can be controlled and refined through a digital UI interface on your iPad.  This system is the go-to for motion control because the digital UI allows you to program precise moves and execute them over and over again.


An assortment of doo-dads.  Some of these items, such as the controller, will be necessary for you to execute time-lapse and motion control shots, while others, such as the ION battery system , will just make your shooting experience that much easier.