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Nocturne is up on Canon USA's site - Vimeo & SmugMug

Just in time for the Holidays – Nocturne is up for all to see.   You can see it on Canon’s siteVimeo, or in full 1080p on SmugMug.  Also tonight marks the PREMIERE of the Behind The Scenes video of the shoot.

Expect an even bigger announcement within the next 48 hours – that will involve you all! (hint…it’s a BIG film contest…)

The entire short film was shot with available light (practical lights) in an industrial part of downtown Los Angeles over two nights.  Not a single artificial light was added.  The footage was shot at 6400 ASA. (We did use a reflector just for kicks on the shot of the little girl – to see if we could bounce sodium-vapor light 😉

A HUGE Thank you to my co-directors Stu Maschwitz and David Nelson and the amazing crew run by Road Trip Films for an WONDERFUL job!  Thank you as well for the amazing post-production work by Pictures in a Row and the score by Jeff MacDonald at Louder Productions.


Behind the Scenes video by my friend Joseph Linaschke: