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Before you go rummaging through the pages below, please check out the kits that I have designed below.  Each of these pages is an accumulation of the pieces of gear that I think work well together based on your experience level and budget.




If you are just starting out in video, the kit put together here has a selection of entry-level HDSLR’s, and some basic support and accessories to get you up and rolling.




For those of you who are executing higher-level productions, but still having to operate as a one-man band or small team, the gear that I have put together here will




The items included in this list are for people starting their own production company that may be in need of solutions for more advanced productions that require larger teams.  Here you will find solutions for wireless focus-pulling, wireless-monitoring, and more robust media storage – to name a few.




The following is a catalogue of the different pieces of gear I have been using in my kit – some for years and some only more recently. I have included the items I currently use and love most, and just like my kit, expect this list to be ever evolving. There will be new additions to the list over time, and I will continue to populate it with examples and behind the scenes footage of the gear in action.




This is a list of camera bodies that I use for both stills and video. I’ll discuss why I chose one over another – and the strengths and weaknesses of each. At some point soon I’ll expand this to include some of the motion-picture cameras that I’ve used (RED/Phantom etc. – but that will come a bit later.)




A pretty extensive list of all my “go-to” lenses. Before we had digital cameras (i.e. back in the film days) we used to say: “Spend all of your money on lenses… it’s all about the lenses… a camera is a black box that opens and closes…” Now of course – the camera has taken just as important of a role – with the performance of the sensor, autofocus, and so many other features.




Many of you may have come to this blog as a result of my work with Freefly Cinema and the MoVI.  In this section you will find information on both the MOVI M5 and M10, as well as the accessories that I recommend for your MoVI rig.




Tripods, handheld rigs, and other devices that help me get a smooth shot. This is one of the single most important investments any videographer/filmmaker can make. It’s no secret that taking the “shakiness” out of your films is of pinnacle importance. Frankly it’s one of the number one factors that separates amateur videos from professional video/film.




Sometimes you need to add a little movement to make something look cinematic… Most of us are used to seeing the camera move – or even “fly” around a scene. These are the tools that make your camera come to life – and perhaps even become a second character in any scene.




As you move into more advanced timelapse photography and camera moves using sliders and jibs, you may find that you want to have more precise control over how the camera is moving. These tools will help you get the job done.




An assortment of doodads that make achieving beautiful imagery a little bit easier – from follow focus units to ND filters, and everything in-between. Beauty is in the details – and in this case it couldn’t be more true. The exact same scene can look awful when shot without a 6-stop ND filter + 2 stop GRAD filter to hold the sky that is two stops brighter than the foreground…




Whether I’m watching playback on set or my AC is trying to pull critical focus – having a sharp image on set is essential. If you can’t see what you’re filming…well your audience will be the first to see all of your mistakes. Being able to judge composition, exposure and color accurately is absolutely key. While photographers are used to looking through their prism on their DSLRs – in video: you will come to live and die by the monitor you choose.




The secret behind how I power everything – from my cameras, and lights to my monitors. There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of power. As you all know some of your best shots can come at the end of a long day of work. And given how mobile these new cameras allow us to be – we seldom stay anywhere long enough to charge a battery. Therefore consistent, reliable, and predictable power is key. And batteries = mobility and freedom.




While the Canon 1D MarkIV shoots some spectacular low-light footage, everybody needs a lighting kit. This is just the start of what will become a MUCH more extensive section of this site. I feel that lighting is an art in-it-of itself. And it’s hard to do it justice just now. There are many more types of lights and diffusion / modeling components and variations than there are lenses… so this section will take awhile to complete.




50% of any great film is in the sound design, and the first step to great sound design is capturing great audio while on set. Whenever I can, I defer to the professionals, but when necessary I am always ready to pull out my own sound kit — I don’t carry everything, but I have the essentials to get the job done right.


VincentLaforet_gear_CFcards_Sandisk32  MEDIA & COMPUTING


Technology is the wave of the future, and its role in filmmaking cannot be understated. From an iPad on set to the FCP Studio software in post, today’s modern filmmaker cannot get off the ground without the right media backing them up. Here’s a small selection of the hardware and software that keeps my productions moving.




With all the money your going to be putting into your own gear, you have to have an efficient and safe way to store it. Whether its your camera, lenses, or just your c-stands – its important that every piece of gear get where its going in one piece.





As you can imagine – I’ve put a LOT of time into this gear section page – both in listing all the items that I use, linking to the manufacturers page, as well as allowing you to purchase the gear. I’m also adding images and video shot with the gear – and more and more OF the gear in use. This is a page where I’d like to get your feedback on WHAT ELSE YOU’RE INTERESTED in having me list… Basically post a message in the comments page of the “Requests” page (not on this page!) – and if I use it or know a fair amount about the piece of gear – I’ll list it!