Want to be on a digital billboard in Times Square this Monday? Then keep reading…

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OK!   So something that’s pretty darn exciting and exceptional is happening Monday.  We’re taking over Times Square for close to an hour! 🙂  
To be precise, we have access to two iconic digital spectaculars:  the billboards on the Nasdaq and Reuters towers right in the heart of Times Square.   I WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF THIS UNIQUE EVENT –   it’s also a way for to be part of something that’s quite incredibly rare…
Check out yesterday’s dry run with some of my content from AIR content  (laforetAIR.com) as you can see… I was somewhat dumbfounded as you’ll see…

Laforet AIR in Times Square from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Seeing the images of AIR images on this scale was pretty special, given that I worked at The New York Times on that street for 8 years, not to mention that my first internship ever was at Reuters … it was a near out of body experience.
NOW –  we’re trying to top this on Monday by inviting OTHERS (YOU!)  to experience something similar. 
Branded Cities, the owners of the billboards in Times Square towers, are providing 4 slots for us to display content. Three of these slots will be for AIR content + pre-submitted photographs from anyone in the world – the 4th slot will allow us to display images that are being submitted LIVE or from Times Square itself (selfies) as well as remotely:  images of people back at home – and their reactions to seeing their work on Times Square billboards (which will be broadcast live via webcams):
Here are the two webcams that you will be able to watch in on live:
http://livestream.com/nasdaq/live  (Nasdaq) show up during the run time.

Our call to action – Share this opportunity with your friends so that we can all be part of this TOGETHER.
Submit your own pictures (portfolio / family / other) to air on these magnificent towers in the 3rd most photographed place on earth (see below for specifics.)
Storehouse.co which kicked of my AIR series, will be doing a call to action to their own community to create or submit visual stories – and I’ll pick a few winners to put up on the billboards.
Then we will open it up to the crazy wild world  to do a near live interactive display of images from people attending the event in person at Times Square (selfies) and users submitting from around the world…
Here’s the deal: 
On Monday – two days from now – MY IMAGES from AIR and YOURS will be displayed on the iconic billboards in Times Square! We’re taking over Times Square for close to an hour!
How to participate: 
Submit your own pictures (portfolio/family/other) to appear on these two billboards! My goal is to share this opportunity through social media platforms to engage with as MANY people as possible. I want to engage with as wide an audience as we can create TOGETHER.
Encourage EVERYONE you know to participate!
Add @laforetAIR and #AirTSQ to all of your social media references about this exciting event!
There are 3 ways to submit:
1. Submit a story through Storehouse.co. (deadline is Sunday 10th May 11:59pm EST)
2. Email a photo of you, your family – anything – to photos@timessquare2.com.  (this is open until Monday 11th May 9 AM EST).
3. Email a photo from Times Square between 12pm – 1pm EST and have them be displayed LIVE from 1pm-1.15pm during the event!
One key request  – when you Tweet/Instagram/Other, please add @laforetAIR and #AirTSQ hashtag to whatever content you will be submitting and encourage others to do the same so that we can find your content easily.
I’m trying to make this “AIR” project grow beyond traditional imagery with your help, and to turn it into something that is truly inclusive and speaks to the heart of the message of the AIR project:   that we are all much more connected than we realize.
As I’m sure you agree this is a wonderful way to make that a reality with your help!
OK, so now it’s up to you to take part!   START SHARING THIS WITH OTHERS AND SUBMIT YOUR IMAGES AS OF NOW!!!
The link to this post that you can easily share is:  https://blog.vincentlaforet.com/2015/05/07/tsq/
IF YOU’RE IN NEW YORK MONDAY between noon – 1:15 … COME ON DOWN!  I’ll be on the north end of 43rd Street, just north of the police station.

Oh and by the way – just in case you missed it, Project AIR is coming to Europe, on MONDAY NIGHT. We’ve got a sold out event in London on Tuesday May 12th – thanks to the generous support of G-Technology, we’re bringing AIR to Europe!



For more info on Europe and how you can meet me and hang out to talk about all things AIR and your own projects, check out this post