Interviews with Cinema5D and Scott Bourne

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Jared Abrams from Cinema5D stopped by the studio on Tuesday to sit down and chat.  He caught me at an interesting time, as my crew and I were in the midst of packing for our trip to Italy (leaving today!).  We still had time for a good talk though, and he even got me to expound on my love/hate relationship with gear – notice all the gear strewn about in the video – we packed 22 bags for the trip!  The interview is embedded above, and you can read more at  (Sorry for the poor audio quality – apparently they had an issue w/ audio on their end.)

I also had the chance this week to talk over the phone with Scott Bourne – who many of you may already know – for his Photofocus podcast.  I am featured in episode #45, which you can listen to for free by either subscribing to the Photofocus podcast feed – OR – streaming it from iTunes.

Ciao!  I’ll be updating from Rome next.


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