Tenba – The Bags I’ve Trusted To Transport $250k+ Of Gear Across The Globe

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The Importance Of Traveling Light And Secure

When you travel as often as I do, with as much gear as we often are transporting, you really start to value both lightweight and versatile designs for gear bags, and those that that don’t compromise protection and quality.  We’ve flown 150,000 miles this year on Project AIR which is scary.

For me, Tenba XL attaché roller cases have become incredibly useful on the AIR project. I’ve used two to 3 of them throughout the Air Tour, one contains all of our BTS video gear, including C300, lenses and audio gear as well as back up drives. The other contains our Kenyon gyros for stabilized shooting at night.











I have another two of these Attache rollers at home, one housing my RED Epic and the other containing my dedicated time lapse kit.

So – why Tenba? Two main reasons:

– Protection – these attaches are absolutely rock solid. We’ve had our Project Air BTS video case go through 8 legs so far, in the hold each time. The BTS case contains lots of glass and camera gear and it’s all been transported without issue.    The sturdy handle, solid wheels, and Fedex label pouch on the exterior are also perfect editions to an otherwise stellar case.

– Weight – we have 10 pieces of hold luggage for each leg of this journey. We have weighed each item to make sure it’s within weight limits because after paying up to $1000 a leg for excess baggage, you really don’t want to pay the excess weight too! These gear bags are being lifted for transport into vans and often carried, so a lighter starting point is always better.

Tenba also make a fantastic, low profile backpack called the Shootout. It’s a 14L sized pack that can hold up to 4 Go Pros (we currently are using 3 GoPro 4s as main BTS cameras for internal aircraft shots, as well as 1 Go Pro 3+ which is a back up). I’ve been using this not just for Go Pros but also for a low profile and sturdy solution to transporting my cameras and  lenses and accessories when I’m traveling and doing some shooting in cities on the ground.

Like Tenba’s HDDSLR bag which Dave my BTS video guy is using, it’s incredibly comfortable and fantastically designed so that everything stays where it should and provides easy access to the gear I need when I need it.  In fact – this backpack has become my GO TO BAG for almost all of 2015 – I carry my 12″ MacBook in it, and hard drives and/or a basic DSLR kit or Leica / Fuji X100 kit, and even a Hasselblad 503 with 2-3 lenses.  This is an EXTREMELY versatile bag due to the enclosed pouches that you can VELCRO inside and create natural partitions.









From the manufacturer:

Tenba has been building industry-leading hard cases for rental houses, studios and professionals for over 35 years, and the cases are still made the same way today, using ballistic and cordura nylon, YKK® zippers, seatbelt-grade webbing, welded-steel D-rings, and the most reinforced stitching that any bag has ever seen.

The Transport collection includes Air Case, Tenba’s patented shipping case that provides the protection of a hard case at a fraction of the weight. Air Cases are available in sizes and configurations to fit Apple Mac Pro Towers, 27-inch iMacs and Cinema Displays, Eizo monitors, Profoto, Broncolor and similar professional lighting systems, and every conceivable camera system in the world. They can be shipped, checked as luggage, flown, driven, sat on and stood on, and they will continue to protect the world’s greatest equipment.

TENBA SHOOTOUT is a comprehensive collection of sling bags and backpacks designed from the ground up for serious outdoor imaging. Each bag is built with the absolute best materials and hardware for all-season protection under the most extreme weather conditions. And innovative features throughout give you fast access to your equipment so you never miss a shot.

Shootout backpacks feature unique side pods that allow access to cameras and lenses without removing the shoulder harness, plus they include Tenba’s exclusive Multi-stage tripod carrier. And the sling bag offers the industry’s only rear access panel to maximize the interior layout and organization of camera equipment.

Each bag is made with water-repellant nylon, weather-sealed and rubberized YKK® zippers, Duraflex® clips, heavily reinforced stitching and expedition-grade harnesses and shoulder straps.


On another note, I’m EXTREMELY excited to announce that we just sent the final files to the printer for the  AIR book!   We’re looking at shipping the books in very early November – to find out more about the book or lithographs,visit LaforetAir.com