NYC ” Night Over” Series next steps…

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I didn’t think I’d ever experience anything quite like the launch of “Reverie” in 2008. The “MoVI” short 2 years ago was close, but limited to the world of motion.

But this latest series of “Night Over” New York City Photographs that I photographed at a high altitude over the Big Apple may just have eclipsed those those and all of the other things I’ve done… and potentially COMBINED.

Simply put – it’s safe to say that these images struck a chord with people from around the world.    My head is definitely still spinning.

But this is likely just the start… following millions of views,  many dozen interviews from around the globe, I think it’s safe to say we’ll see more of another series of these images.

To that end, if you’d like to stay in touch (or to see the original project in case you missed it!) and to potentially be a part of such future projects in the near future that will likely take place around the world, please go to:

And feel free to share this with friends… this has the potential to be something very special.  I’m definitely very excited.

Thanks for all of the feedback and support! More to come as soon as the dust settles!

Follow this project as it expands to other cities...

Follow this project as it expands to other cities…