NAB2015 News – Freefly Brings Us MIMIC, A Game Changing Addition To Remote Camera Operation & The ALTA Drone

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In 2013, Freefly Systems changed the game with the MoVI, the worlds most advanced handheld camera stabilization system.

Now they’re looking to do the same thing again with MIMIC, a completely new motion tracker for the MoVI Remote Operator. For those who may not be familiar, the Remote Op is the person who remotely controls the camera movement independently of where the MoVI Operator is pointing it.

As you can see from the video below, they’ve gone all out to make MIMIC completely intuitive for the operator, regardless of experience – “child’s play” indeed!

Doing away with a control joystick on the MoVI controller, Freefly have opted for a remote system with sensors that track your positioning and movement, translating these into silky smooth camera movement. This essentially allows for a totally organic, intuitive and completely immersive independent camera operation experience. I can see myself as a director wanting to pick the control unit up and ‘feel’ what the shot and framing is going to ultimately look like.

Below is a great example of MIMIC in action, as Chase Jarvis tracks a fast moving subject, independent of where the MoVI operator position. You can see just how easy it is to pick up and use, when he actually hands MIMIC off to the runner they were shooting and she does a great job of actually keeping the subject in frame! Not bad for a Remote Operator with zero experience!











Other Freefly news is they are officially back in the drone game with ALTA, their new drone capable of carrying cinema camera / lens payloads of up to 14lbs for 15minutes flight time, and allowing for top mounting.

vincentlaforet_ALTA_freefly_ARRI Journey - Lake Wenatchee - Marsh-1-2

vincentlaforet_ALTA_freefly_ARRI Journey - Lake Wenatchee - Marsh-1-4

vincentlaforet_ALTA_freefly_ARRI Journey - Lake Wenatchee - Marsh-3-4

vincentlaforet_ALTA_freefly_ARRI Journey - Lake Wenatchee - Marsh-4

vincentlaforet_ALTA_freefly_ARRI Journey - Lake Wenatchee - Marsh-7


Pricing and availability  – TBC


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