2013 is Flying by… oh and FYI I’m LA based and have been for almost 4 years now

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I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time the first month and a half of the year has flown by this quickly.   There’s nothing to worry about in terms of the blog or with me (some of you have e-mailed.)   It’s simply been quiet but for good reason – I’ve been wonderfully busy!  I also took a little break from technology for the winter holidays for a few weeks and that break got compounded when several projects came up back to back at the start of this year.   Now March is in our sights and… YIKES that was fast!

I’m currently writing from Hong Kong’s international terminal on my way back to LAX after a commercial shoot in Bali. 

Yes Bali!  I can’t wait to spill the beans on the shoot that involved the location above… 3 RED Epics,  A Phantom Camera, a Remote Control Helicopter crew, a stunt crane,  Scuba diving and crew and cast members from SEVEN countries… as usual, I have to wait for the spot to air first of course.

People often ask me how I and other bloggers manage to keep the blog up to date and to continue on with a hectic work and travel schedule.   Most of the time we somehow find the time, but this year has been the exception so far, at least for me.   It’s especially tough when you’re involved in pre-production overseas, notably in Asia where the hours are almost upside down relative to LA, and they’re a day ahead due to the international dateline (which means you’re always behind, and have less time to prep!)   

Also, as I’m sure many of your can relate to, the longer the blog goes without a fresh post, the bigger the writer’s block! And the bigger the elephant in the room becomes ๐Ÿ˜‰

I do have a lot of blog posts in my mind and those will be rolling out soon.  We have a cool series of tutorials on Time Lapse that we just completed that I hope to post soon.

I thought I’d take the opportunity with this blog post to make a silly, but necessary announcement.    For some odd reason, most people still think that I live in, and am based in New York City.   Clearly I’ve done a bad PR job of making it clear that I live in and am based out of Los Angeles (and for nearly 4 years come May) although I still work out of NYC regularly.   I mention this because, close to half of the crew & cast members I meet in LA still think I’m NY based – so what the heck…  Why not announce it again. (I did make the initial announcement post 4 years ago!

Other than that I’ve also made a decision to change the focus of this blog a little bit.   While I’ll still be reviewing gear from time to time – notably first hand accounts – I’m going to be focusing more on the craft of film making as a whole, and general trends.    We’ve all seen a plethora of good gear review blogs pop up, and while you can still expect to get some first hand sneak peeks at new gear on this blog, I want to offer something a little bit different here.     I’d like to share more of my experiences on set, on other sets with other directors, DPs, crew members and actors.   My goal with this blog has always been to write pieces that I myself would want to read and hopefully you will enjoy what I choose to write about in the near future.

Well, it’s time to board my 13 hour flight back.   Then after a day off,  I shoot on the tarmac of LAX with my good pal Jon Carr for 4 days which should also be a blast.

More to come…