2020 Aerial Directing & Cinematography Reel 8K

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2019-2020 Aerial Directing & Cinematography Reel

I’m updating my aerial reel bringing together footage from several years back to an under 2 min 30second edit which was a challenge. These are some of my favorite shots culled from over 100 Terabytes of RAW footage. The final selects take 5.45TB alone and the final project is 656 GB for the technical people out there. The average shot is 200% to 600% slower than what you’re seeing here and some shots last over 20 minutes.

These shots were captured over Los Angeles, New York, Sydney and various parts of California, Utah, and Arizona with some wonderful pilots (Kevin LaRossa II, Aaron Fitzgerald, Mike Renz, Hugh Johnston) and technicians (Mike Isler, JP Delespinois, Daniel Clapson.)

I’ve had the chance to travel the world with my friend and my longtime aerial technician Mike Isler over the years and we’ve been challenged to do some pretty cool stuff – and often what turned out to be groundbreaking stuff: from shooting with iPhones to produce still images as well as Panoramic images from the belly of a Learjet to capturing the eclipse flying along its path.

We also specialize in 8K capture using RED Cameras as well as 150 Megapixel stills using planes, full-size helicopters, drones and vehicles.

Earlier this year we were asked to reproduce the still images cover of National Geographic that I shot in 2016 and render it into a moving cover (right) shot on the RED Monstro in 8K VV 3 years later for the launch of Apple News+. Note how close we got and how some of the cityscape has and hasn’t changed during that time.

It’s fair to say we’ve had an absolute blast doing this for some amazing clients who helped us push the technical envelope. We’ve found some pretty unique ways to capture the highest resolution 8K resolution motion content at 60fps alongside still cameras that shoot 150 Megapixel stills.

Below are a few of those images – feel free to see more at: http://www.laforetvisuals.com/

All of the images below were shot with an iPhone in “Panoramic” mode for example – they are actually 7-12 min “exposures” as the Learjet flies at over 200 knots.

Below is a SNEAK PEEK at some work that I’m currently working on … more to come in a few weeks!

Special thanks to all of the companies that helped with the R&D:


Gotham Films

Wolf Aviation

G-Technology (Drives)

RED Cinema