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Cinema EOS C100 Mark II Buy From B&H Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments:  A diamond in the rough – this is such a SMALL STEALTHY camera that it’s a perfect A or B cam for most productions.   How do you "supersize it" use and external recorder such as an Atomos Ninja and record the clean HDMI output from this camera and guess what?  You’re basically getting the same image quality as you would from the C300  – for a lot lot less.  Shhh..  I would shoot with the C-Series cameras without hesitation over ANY HDSLR solution out there – period.  Why?  The built in features in these cameras will quickly erase the price difference once you consider all of the accessories you end up buying for your HDSLRs to make them do what these cameras can do right out of the box. 

Description (from B&H): The Canon EOS C100 inherits the design concept of the EOS C300, which put DSLR quality video in a groundbreaking form factor with the key features of a more traditional video camera. The C100 has been optimized for run-and-gun and one-man-band style shooting, a specialty of event videographers, documentarians and independent filmmakers. This camera is about 15% smaller than the C300, and yet its 1080p image will hold-up nicely beside that of the more expensive camera. The C100 even has a few features not found in the C300, like One Shot AF, Push Auto Iris, a built-in microphone and non-compression HDMI out with superimposed timecode and 2:3 pull down marker.

Cinema EOS C300 Buy From B&H Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments: I was one of 4 filmmakers to shoot the first test films with this camera.   I would recommend this cameras hands down to any filmmaker – especially TV, Indies and documentary shooters.   The latitude of the exposure, and low light performance are stunning.  This is currently one of the top cameras out there in the market and has truly taken over the market since it was released nearly two years ago.  This is basically the 5D MKIII all grown up – with all of the professional production features one needs.  Time code,  XLR inputs and audio monitoring… this is HDSLRS as they should have been.Also available in PL Mount.

Description (from B&H): The Cinema EOS C300 takes what professionals love about DSLR filmmaking – access to a vast selection of widely available lenses, a large sensor that facilitates a shallow depth of field, and portable operation with a modular, compact camera – and addresses its shortcomings. That means that unlike DSLR cameras, this Cinema EOS camcorder is designed inside and out for professional cinematographers capturing motion pictures that will stand up to rigorous post-production processes.

Cinema EOS C500 Buy From B&H Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments: This is Canon’s marquee camera for 4K production and it’s gorgeous.   Coupled with certain external recorders it’s capable of up to 120 frames per second and renders an image that is very close (but not quite) the Alexa – the current gold standard in digital cinema.   Definitely a very worth camera to consider when you consider the price, weight and size.

Also available in PL Mount.

Description (from B&H): The Canon EOS C500 4K Cinema Camera (EF Lens Mount) represents Canon’s first foray into the world of 4K digital cinema production. Sharing a sensor with the earlier EOS C300 camera, the EOS C500 fulfills the potential of the large (Super 35mm-size), high-resolution (8.8 Mp effective) CMOS imager by offering full 4K RAW output via 3G-SDI. The C500 also has a body type in common with the C300. Featuring large, accessible buttons with ridges dividing them, the EOS C500 has been designed expressly for the craft of digital cinema. Its signal output is similarly appropriate: At rates up to 60 frames per second, the 10-bit 4K RAW data stream output can be recorded to an approved external device (sold separately) at full resolution. Using a format called 4K half RAW, which halves the horizontal resolution, you can capture up to 120 fps to the external recorder by using both of the C500’s 3G-SDI outputs.

EOS 1D-C Buy From B&H Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments: Technically a DSLR in terms of ergonomics, but this camera was designed for cinema purposes, allowing you to shoot 4K internally to CF Cards, and crop the sensor to Super 35 mode when pairing with specific lenses (such as the Zeiss LW.Z).  THIS IS CANON’S BEST KEPT SECRET.   The fact that you have all of the class-leading still the features of the camera above (1DX)  AND that you can shoot 4K video… well it’s an incredible camera, that is likely the smallest 4K "Pro" camera out there that I would consider using on almost any job.   The cons:   lack of frame rates over 30fps.  The Pros: as you’ll see in the video below it shoots in the dark!  3200 and even 6400 ISO is clean as a whistle, so much so that we had to add grain to the video below.



Description (from B&H): Designed specifically for the unique demands of the motion picture industry, the EOS-1D C Camera from Canon is a breakthrough in hybrid HDSLR technology–able to record stills, 4K and Full HD video, to either two on-board CF cards or uncompressed Full HD to outboard recorders. One of the largest benefits of having 4K video technology in a DSLR body is that it will be able to go places that other larger 4K cameras cannot, providing new ways of composing and capturing scenes. It is also compatible with the entire fleet of Canon EOS lenses already available, and perhaps already in your arsenal. The EOS-1D C was built to shoot cinematic quality, in a compact and versatile EOS body. It is able to capture 4K (4096 x 2160), 24p (23.976) content directly to its on-board CF memory cards. It does this by using an 8-bit 4:2:2, high bit rate Motion JPEG compression scheme–allowing 4K content to be acquired in virtually any shooting environment, without an off-board external recorder.

Black Magic Pocket Camera Buy From B&H Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments:  Pretty darn cool little camera.   Needs work in terms of features and battery life – but the image quality is hard to ignore.

Description (from B&H): The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera from Blackmagic Design is a compact Super 16 format camera designed for digital film production. The Super 16 sized sensor has an effective resolution of 1920 x 1080 and is capable of capturing 13 stops of dynamic range. The Pocket Cinema Camera records Full HD video in either the lossless CinemaDNG RAW or Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) format. The active Micro Four Thirds lens mount can accommodate a growing range of MFT format lenses as well as a host of excellent legacy lenses via optional adapters. Blackmagic Design has packed all of these impressive features into a remarkably compact (5 x 2.6 x 1.5") and lightweight (12.5 oz) magnesium alloy chassis.

  Black Magic Production Camera 4K Buy From B&H Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments: I have a love/hate relationship with this series of cameras – but the image quality and RAW output for the relative price to the competition on both this and the 2K version of the camera are hard to ignore… I said it best in this full review here.

Description (from B&H): The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K from Blackmagic Design features a Super 35mm sized image sensor with a global shutter and a Canon EF compatible lens mount. The camera is capable of recording Ultra HD 4K in the visually lossless, compressed CinemaDNG RAW or Apple ProRes 422 (HQ). The built-in recorder utilizes removable 2.5" SSDs, which enable the high data rates required by RAW and 880Mbps ProRes. The camera’s ability to expose for 12 stops of dynamic range lends the image a truly film-like look, and the Super 35mm (21.12 x 11.88mm) sized sensor approximates the standard of traditional film. The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K retains the beautifully crafted design and machined aluminum chassis of the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Much like its predecessor, this camera features a 5" touchscreen LCD display with 800 x 480 resolution, which enables monitoring and playback as well as an efficient means for navigating the menu and entering metadata. The camera also includes a full license for DaVinci Resolve color grading software and UltraScope for live scopes via a Thunderbolt connection.

NEX-FS700 Buy From B&H Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments: An upgrade to the NEX-FS100 and a FAVORITE of a lot of sports/action shooters out there due to its high frame rates.  I’ve never been a fan of Sony color, especially in low light – but that’s more of a personal thing.  There are many, many people out there who won’t seem to have  problem with that at all…

Description (from B&H): The Sony NEX-FS700U Super 35 Camcorder (Body Only) is a fully professional large-sensor video camera, featuring a native 4K resolution sensor. Able to shoot full 1080p video in a range of frame rates up to 60p, the FS700 provides the option of recording AVCHD footage onto SD card/MemoryStick or via the FMU (flash memory unit) port, or it can output 4:2:2 video (with embedded timecode) via HDMI 1.4 or 3G/HD-SDI to an external recording unit. Simultaneous recording to both is also possible when instant backup is called for. There’s no stinting on audio, either, as the camera includes not only a shotgun microphone with mount/carrying handle, but dual XLR inputs for recording uncompressed, professional-level sound from an external source. One unique feature for a camcorder of this class is the FS700’s ability to record bursts of super-slow motion video at rates up to a whopping 960 fps. (These bursts range from 8 to 16 seconds, depending of the frame rate). Full-resolution recording is possible at up to 240 fps; at 480 and 960 fps, resolution is reduced.

CineAlta PMW-F5 B&H Mfr. Site

Comments:  This is Sony’s foray into the 4K world and is one of the nicest ergonomically designed cameras out there.   I’m not a fan of Sony color (mentioned above) especially in mixed light – but it’s hard to ignore this camera given how feature rich it is.  You can read more here.

Description (from B&H): The Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta Digital Cinema Camera features an 8.9 MP Super 35mm image sensor, capable of capturing 2K¹ and HD resolution video via the camera’s internal recorder. Sony has designed the F5 as the foundation of a versatile, modular system. A key component of that system is the AXS-R5² external recorder, which will enable the F5 to capture 4K and 2K files in 16-bit linear RAW. Out of the box, the F5 is capable of capturing 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second, and a planned firmware upgrade will allow the camera to capture 2K video at up to 120 fps. The F5’s imaging power is further bolstered by exceptional exposure latitude, which is rated at 14 stops of dynamic range for truly film-like rendering of highlights and shadows. Additional firmware upgrades will enable the SR Codec for 10-bit 4:4:4 at up to 440 Mbps.

CineAlta PMW-F55 B&H Mfr. Site

Comments: This is Sony’s foray into the 4K world and the "big brother" to the F5 above.  This is one of the nicest ergonomically designed cameras out there.   I’m not a fan of Sony color (mentioned above) especially in mixed light – but it’s hard to ignore this camera given how feature rich it is.  You can read more here.


Description (from B&H): The Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K Digital Cinema Camera features an 8.9MP Super 35mm image sensor, capable of capturing 4K, 2K and HD resolution video in a variety of formats via the camera’s internal recorder. The F55 is among the first digital motion picture cameras with a global shutter, which completely eliminates motion skew and other "rolling" shutter distortions. Sony has designed the F55 as the foundation of an exceptionally versatile, modular system. Optional components¹ of the F55 system include bolt-on recording units, a series of digital viewfinders, and camera support rigs. Notably, the AXS-R5 recorder¹ can be mounted onto the rear of the F55, enabling 4K and 2K 16-bit RAW recording and high speed frame rates of up to 240 fps in 2K². On-board 4K recording requires high-data rate recording media, and the F55 will use Sony’s newly developed SxS PRO+ memory cards. A 128 GB card will provide enough space for approximately 40 minutes of 4K video in the XAVC Intra 422 format. SxS PRO+ cards will also allow on-board recording of 2K video at up to 180 frames per second².

RED EPIC Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments:  This is one of the top 3-4 Cine cameras in the world.  What makes the Epic unique – and I’ve owned one for close to 3 years now – is its very compact size, interchangeable lens mounts (so you can shoot w/ your PL, Canon EF,  Leica etc glass with a switch being done in MINUTES out in the field) 5K image at up to 120fps, and 300+ at lower resolution… and all in a RAW format.   You can read more about the compact nature of this camera HERE and the camera in general HERE.  This is probably the single most versatile cinema camera in the world today.   

Description (from RED Digital Cinema): The RED EPIC ushers in the next generation of digital cinema, featuring a 5K sensor capable of capturing 1 to 120 frames per second at full resolution. From fashion spreads to 3D IMAX features, EPIC has crossbred elite photography with unrivaled cinema capability—all in a camera the size of a DSLR. In challenging lighting conditions, EPIC makes it easy to adapt with its ability to reach up to 18 stops of dynamic range with HDRx. Remarkable technology packed into a 4lb body – with EPIC, less is more.