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Project AIR is officially COMPLETE (for now, at least!) and the book has been finalized and signed off!

It has been an intense, incredible, whirlwind year for me on this project (certainly one of the most satisfying and also most challenging of my entire career!). While I’m not ruling out further opportunities to shoot more cities, with the hard deadline for the book (which we successfully hit last month) and with commercial project commitments, I simply had to draw a line under this chapter of the project.

It has been an amazing journey – from the project’s initial inception after the New York images from the Men’s Health editorial published last year went viral, to those of you who followed and (literally) helped give birth and life to what the project became, it’s fair to say this was a complete first for me. The support for the project took the team across North America, Europe and even Sydney, Australia, and it’s been an incredible ride.


I’m excited to get the book out and into everyone’s hands now, and see what you all think of the images – it’s one thing to see them on a screen but it’s completely different to see and experience them on the printed page.

The book will be out in time for the November Holiday Season here in the US – don’t miss out and pre-order here to ensure you get your copy:


Once again – thank you to each and every one of you who has followed, supported and provided positive feedback on the project – it has, without doubt, been a source of inspiration and motivation for myself and the project team through the year as we worked to bring more images from more cities to be able to share with you all.


More updates to come in the coming weeks and months. For now, feel free to check out the project site here where you can see more images, behind the scenes videos, buy prints and check out the store!