Good News & A Bit of Deja Vu

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The good news is that “Nocturne” will be back up at some point soon.   The long and short of the situation is that Canon’s request that I take “Nocturne” down temporarily had absolutely nothing to do with me, the short film, or any technical reason whatsoever.

Canon is large, multi-national corporation – and at times things can hit a snag.   I had a meeting with a few Canon USA executives this week in New York at the Photo Plus Expo – and they went as far as to ask me to communicate to you that they are genuinely apologetic that this has happened.

The only bad news for me – is that this is a bit too much of Deja Vu – and that I did everything that I could to prevent a repeat of last year (when Reverie was also pulled down after it was initially posted – and then reposted a few days later on Canon’s site.)    This kind of “excitement” is not something that I look forward to – and I had wished to have this video available to share with everyone for the week of the release of the Canon 1D MKIV.  It was awkward to say the least to be presenting on stage this week at the Expo – and showing “Reverie” again – a video that was more than one year old.

And the last “bad” news – is that I haven’t been given an exact date as to when the video can go back up just yet.    The sooner the better of course.

Thanks for your patience.