AIR SFO is Live & the AIR Book is now available for pre-sale

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Project Air – San Francisco BTS February 2015 from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

I’m proud to announce the publication of the third city of the “AIR” Series:  San Francisco on Storehouse.

This has been one of the purest and most exciting projects of my career – this definitely feels like a once in a lifetime experience to me.

We are currently in the middle of scheduling a series of shoots in Europe in May thanks to support from G-Technology, and you can expect as series of meetups and events in cities such as Paris, London, Barcelona and a few more – to be announced very soon.

We’ve also launched a new site where you can pre-order a book,  postcards and a few more cool things yet to be announced.     A fine art print site will also be going up very shortly.

Thanks to your pre-oder of the books, we’ve already been able to add new cities to our lists of destinations.    A significant portion of every sale of each book will go towards shooting more cities!



Below you’ll find the series on Storehouse from San Francisco which was incidentally featured in The New York Times.   Given that I was a staff photographer at The New York Times for 7 years, it was quite odd to be featured “in” the paper – we used to joke that our goal was to never make it into the paper, because a staffer would only make into the paper when either:  a. They’d likely done something very very bad.   or b.  They passed away and the paper was running their obituary 😉

It was extremely flattering to be included to say the least.


Once again thank you for all of the support to date, and I appreciate you forwarding the laforetAIR site with your friends and family as it will allow me to go to more (and more isolated) cities around the world!