AIR Featured on CBS Sunday Morning

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What an honor this is, and what a wonderful job the CBS crew including the wonderful correspondant Lee Cowan and the editor / shooters / producers!   Thank you all!

The books arrive in 2-3 weeks and will ship the first week of December!    We’re also getting lithographs (fancy term for posters 😉  that are close to photographic print quality next week and they look wonderful framed!

For more information go to LaforetAIR 

Check out the video on CBS below:

If for some reason the video doesn’t play in your “region” go to THIS LINK.     I’ll update the blog w/ an embedded video ASAP. 

Here are a few examples of the Lithographs – they are 22″x 28″ and look pretty darn cool.    The book and lithos and the book obviously make for great holiday gifts.BCNLON