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It’s safe to say that this “Air” project might just be one of the most exciting (and purest) things I’ve ever been a part of.

Simply put:  I shot some photographs and they’ve taken a life of their own and may very well lead to a year+ long project around the world.    I pinch myself every day.   There’s nothing cooler than having people react positively to you work, and notably when that work is an absolute guilty pleasure…   It’s what we all dream of after all isn’t it?

I think that the really interesting thing that I’m picking up on regarding this project is the fact that we might be starting to see a shift in how stories are published, shared, consumed and how that leads to more work:  without the involvement of traditional media / publishers.      When some of these images were published in a traditional magazine, little came of it.   Yet when they were published on a relatively new social media platform Storehouse – things literally exploded from there.   I’m not quite ready to say the entire model has changed – but it feels like it might be starting to figure a new way of doing business … and in a good way.

Obviously, getting this type of response to a series of images is a once in a lifetime thing – it’s not something you can “plan” for.    It literally just “happened” like most of the bigger events in my career.   While the ethos and hard work was there:  most of the “big” moments in my career were not planned.

But what I find interesting, is that with this kind of visibility came several different ways of potentially funding future shoots … of creating new content.    And I can’t say that many of those opportunities / burgeoning business models were around just a few years ago.

So I’m actually pretty excited about what that could potentially means for ALL creatives in the near future.    One fact that simply can no longer be denied in my book is that fact that traditional print media is no longer the mecca of content creation, let alone a viable business model for many of us.

These new social platforms sure seem like they just “could” be… and one part that is undeniably exciting, it the fact that those platforms don’t necessarily care about where you come from, who you are, who you know (although undeniably that can help of course…)  but ultlimately these platforms tend to reward strong original content … and that’s a pretty positive thing isn’t it?

As scary as it is…  it’s better than a bunch of older white men who publish magazines / newspapers determining what we should all read / see / consume?     That’s effectively what the media world was less than 10 years ago and going back to the start of mass publishing…   Now a teenager with a free YouTube account can literally eclipse the viewership of the biggest publication in the world…

While technology is far from perfect, and can at times be ruthless and very, very shortsighted in it’s relentless search of ‘greater efficiency’ –  for the first time in a long time, I see that it might just somehow be figuring out a way (with human help!) of finding a new, sustainable way of doing things…      More TK.