A commercial with a little twist…

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As the Miami Heat have just cliched the NBA Finals in Game 7 at home, I thought it would be a good time to share a promo spot you might have seen in between time outs on TV.   Here’s a little promo spot I shot for a good friend and wonderful director Loni Peristere of Bandito Brothers for a TNT Promo… I won’t say more until you watch the spot first…

Falling Skies Promo from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Fun little twist and all was shot with the RED Epic at 5K w/ a 4K 16:9 crop to give VFX a little more wiggle room for repo etc. to work with in post, a wonderful crew and cast and Zeiss CP.2 Lenses – the 15mm T/2.9, 21mm T/2.9, 35mm T1.5 Super Speed, 50mm T1.5 Super Speed, the 50mm Makro, 85mm T/1.5Super Speed, shot almost all at T/2 to T/2.8 at 48fps. The last shot is made with the Canon 24mm Tilt Shift lens… being able to shoot from PL mounts to EF mounts is a HUGE advantage these days as it allowed me to figure out the last shot of the spot without needed a tremendous amount of light to get a deep aperture and depth of field not to mention the Canon 100mm MACRO with incredible Image Stabilization.

Here’s a peak behind the scenes – if you’d like to see more you can see these and more on my Instagram account.