Lytro: The future of imaging?

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I met Ren Ng 4 to 5 years ago in Mountain View when he invited me to come over and see a new sensor technology he was developing.   I saw some of the early prototypes cameras of what eventually became the Lytro camera.    If find this discussion at TED X particularly fascinating – notably towards the last third – where he discusses the possibility of creating a 3D image, let alone computational computing’s power to actually have us MOVE around an image after the fact.    This has tremendous applications not only to stills – but also potentially to film and gaming technologies.

You should definitely check this video out to see Ren give you a pretty unique view into the history of photography, the potential future of imaging, and a totally unique way to capture light.   Very very inspiring…    

On a side note (and I should note this is TOTAL SPECULATION on my part)  I have been waiting for a long time to see if this technology would someday make its way into the iPhone or some other Apple product, let alone another big camera company – as it was reported that Ren met with Steve Jobs on several occasions, notably close to the time of Steve’s passing.   This technology is simply too important to ignore- and has incredible potential uses for both amateur and professional photographers.   I do believe that this technology already holds a place on the timeline of imaging history – and that we "haven’t seen anything yet."