Screenwriting Software: Adobe Story Workflow

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While in pre-production for "Mobius", there was a great deal of discussion between the film’s writers, Jon Carr and Justin Hamilton, and I about how to go about scripting the film in the most efficient way.  

Things are usually pretty busy around our studio – so there was a need to work on the script from home at night or over the weekends – ergo from remote locations with multiple people.  This made things difficult as writers typically need to be in the same space to collaborate effectively – especially on a script or any document for that matter that is constantly being updated in small increments.  

We decided to give Adobe Story a try –  a script writing software that comes bundled with Adobe CS 5.5 Production Premium.  The software is browser based, and so allows for collaboration between writers over the web using shared files.  Jon Carr gives a full rundown of the software and its features in the video above.   See if you like it and might consider using it on a future production…