Adobe Post Workflow on Mobius

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Over the next few weeks you’ll see a few posts on the gear we used on Mobius, as well as the pre-production we did on it as well as the post workflow.   First – here is a video on rotoscoping that you might find of interest.

A few months ago we did a piece on dynamic linking between Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects.   In the above video, Jon Carr, gives a more practical breakdown of how these features were used on our latest film, "Mobius" – notably in terms of rotoscoping.  During a particular scene in the film our protagonist (David Lyons) is taking pictures of a Cartel execution from an outcropping of rocks.  Unfortunately, the rocks that we used on location were covered with graffiti (the location is usually a well trafficked off-roading recreation area).  

However, in the film, this location needed to sell as the middle of nowhere, not to mention Mexico – so the graffiti had to go.  The above video walks you through the workflow of this: linking the footage out of Premiere and into After Effects, from there exporting a still from the footage into Photoshop, and then using the photoshopped version of that still in After Effects with the rotoscoping and tracking tools.  The end effect is unnoticeable – but that’s the goal – as it sells the scene as being in a remote location.  This workflow will work for you no matter what effects you are trying to achieve, and shows just how seamless the Adobe workflow is across the multiple application in their Production Premium suite.