Great camera support concept!

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I don’t have any first hand experience with this product (nor have I seen it in action) – so please keep that in mind.  But every once in awhile I see something that I find is so intelligent that I can’t wait to post about it – so here it is…  

The VBag… Basically this is a vacuum bag used to steady cameras (it’s filled with polystyrene pellets, once you remove the air from the bag with an included vacuum pump,  it turns rock solid) – and in effect take over grip equipment, high hats, and perhaps even tripods…   it’s flexible, travels in a bag, and – well pretty ingenious!  

I’ve seen this technology used by Paramedics in Europe to isolate spines/necks in car accidents – it’s exciting to see this concept used for camera support.   From the pictures and videos on the site – it looks like this packs, travels, and functions quite nicely!  If anyone has any experience with this product – feel free to post in the comments section!

Here is a video of the unit in use. (Sorry I couldn’t find a direct link – go to their home page and by clicking on the image of the video and you’ll find the video on the bottom of their homepage.
And it works w/ both HDSLRS …
 and high end cinema cameras such as the Ari Alexa, Red One, and Epic…  I can see this being of great use to filmmakers and still photographers  – impressive!!!!  Again: I generally only put gear up on the blog that I’ve been able to try in person… this one was so cool I couldn’t wait!   But please do keep that in mind.