Cameras are getting smaller – and the footage is getting more amazing

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I keep finding myself working with smaller and smaller cameras (see RED EPIC )- and I continue to be amazed.

Not only is it impressive to see manufacturers make smaller and smaller form factors these days (5k resolution in the EPIC or 1080p inside the  tiny GoPro HD!), but it is absolutely amazing what kind of footage these smaller cameras are allowing to be captured.  For most of us:  smaller cameras are clearly the future.   I’ll let the videos below illustrate my point…

First:  What’s it like to ski off the top of a mountain, parachute off the side, and start an avalanche?  Probably something like this.

Second:  I would have thought you were kidding if you told me that a dad (granted he’s a professional filmmaker) and his 7 year old son were able to capture video of space on their own… but I would have been wrong.

Pretty incredible stuff made possible by ever-shrinking camera technology that is able to produce higher and higher quality images.  Hope everyone has a good weekend.