iDC Systems

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My friend and fellow Canon EOL Bruce Dorn has developed a camera support system for photographers that want to get into shooting video.  The system has been winning a steady stream of awards over the years.  The iDC system comes in two variation “Zero” (shown above) and “One” (shown below) and includes a selection of accessories – both of which use a gearless follow focus unit.  The support system and its accessories are all made to work together.

The advantage of this system is that it’s incredibly straightforward and cost effective. It’s a great system for people who want to a.  keep things simple or b. test the waters out. These handheld rigs can indeed be built out for example – they can be used on sticks, with a Zoom H4N, and an onboard Marshall monitor.

The important point here is: if you want to build your rig beyond that (to have more of a modular unit that you can re-build into multiple different configurations and one that  and one that you add a different follow focus unit, a standard rod-based matte box, or an Anton Bauer battery w/ plate for example) you will likely end up having to start over with a different kit. (*** New note:  there is a new adaptor for System One that allows the use of 15mm rods – so that matte boxes are now supported.   And you can also (as with any bare camera system) donut the System Zero onto rod systems from RedRock or others by using the standadard 1/4-20 fasteners.)   This support system is self contained and wasn’t designed to become part of a larger “cinestyle” rig – one that has rods, and cine accessories. The iDC kit’s strenght is in it’s relative simplicity and low profile elegance, and it seems to be a great fit with photographers who want to be able to occasionally integrate video on their shoots, or who want to keep their kits straightforward as opposed to people who want to move into full on video production, or want to build a modular system up to slowly over time.

Also check out the following video to see the unit in use with fellow EOL Tyler Stableford.