FINALLY! Timecode for HDDSLRs? And some other new Toys…

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I haven’t tested this yet- but I am working on getting a Lockit Buddy unit to test out.   This could be REAL interesting.  It is small box that allows timecode from a suitable source to be recorded to one of the camera’s audio tracks.  I already own a  Denecke timecode slate and a sound recording device that can also be jamsynched – so this is incredibly promising… can’t wait to implement this!

To read more go to my friends Dan Chung’s site DSLRNewsShooter.

Also for those who already know about the indispensable software Plural Eyes that I wrote about awhile back but don’t use Final Cut Pro – well now there’s Dual Eyes!  And there’s a special intro price of $119 until Feb 22nd  – not too shabby for something super useful to any HDDSLR workflow!

Then there’s a marriage made in heaven – Redrock Micro + Really Right Stuff! I use Redrock as the skeleton to all of my rigs.   And Really Right Stuff plates are the single best plates for my money – whether you’re shooting stills or video.  We mount everything with them – cameras to handheld rigs, tripods, shoulder mounts, technocranes – you name it.  Fast, easy, and dead solid.

Lastly – we’re celebrating the 100,000th download of my “Visuals” iApp by giving a pretty deep discount of the collections within – greater than 50% off.  The app – a series of collection of my photography that is accompanied by all of the EXIF data and a video of me talking about the process and idea behind each image.  The iApp (that runs on iPads, iPhones, and iTouch) is a free download and includes ONE collection from The New York Times – you can then choose to download the additional collections for a fee – either individual collections or all at once at a discount.   As mentioned above – those collections are significantly discounted for a short time….  You can read more about it and check it out here.