HDDSLR Custom Configurations

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At long last – I’m happy to announce that my “Custom Configuration” page CLICK HERE TO GO TO IT for handheld HDDSLR rigs is up! It took us a lot longer to get these pages set up than I had anticipated.  Between borrowing all of the gear to get these shot, the editing, and the listing and linking of every single nut and bolt it ended up being quite a bit of an undertaking!

The kits that I have put together using Redrock Micro customizable parts and a variety of other accessories from different manufacturers – basically what I would recommend you use as you get started in HDDSLR video all the way up to the the ones that I use (I obviously tend to gravitate to the higher end units.)

The kits are organized in varying levels of complexity based on the shooting needs of different photographers and videographers.

The beauty about HDDSLRs is that they apply to people from an incredible range of experience and production levels:  from the person who is dipping their toes into video for the first time -all the way to big time commercials and Hollywood productions.

What you’ll find are 4 types of handheld rigs that I would recommend (there are variations in there so it’s actually more than that) and the different components that make them up, as well as a section on tripods and video heads.  So if you’re interested in hearing about the differences between a Redrock Micro Matte Box vs a Chrolsziel or an O’Connor matte box – check the sections out.
So go ahead and enjoy the section – and dream of elves delivering these to your door this holiday season.  If some of these pieces are a bit too pricey for your budgets, never forget:  you can always rent almost all of these parts at any good rental house these days!
So go ahead and check out the My Gear page for a pretty comprehensive listing of the gear I use/own/rent as well as this new Custom Configuration page that may help you get started in HDDSLR video and/or pimp out your current rigs.   As always these and all of the sections on the gear pages will continue to be updated as new gear becomes available.