I thought I was crazy…

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Top of the needle - Empire State Building - click on the image to see if a bit bigger (skip the intro page)

In 2000, I climbed to the top of the Empire State Building (click on this link for a larger image and hit SKIP on the intro page) It was an AWESOME experience.

The kicker is:  I didn’t have any harness… they simply didn’t bother to give me one and I didn’t need one for the most part, as I was climbing up INSIDE the antenna to get to the top (very similar to the video below)…

BUT, when I got to the top – I should of had one as I was out in the open, on a 3-foot wide crow’s nest… again w/ no harness… leaning on my stomach, with my shoes hooked in on the gap near the needle – looking straight down to see this image.   Here I am on the crow’s nest in January of 2000 in the image below.

When people hear this story… they call me crazy.  The real scary part about the walk up – was that there were 14,000,000 watts of radio/tv waves coming from the top of the Empire State Building – you’re not supposed to stand up too long: or you may never have kids…  My pager was going off non-stop (this was the year 2000 remember pagers?)  And then it was windy – and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that the tower sways when it’s windy… just to add to the fun.

But if you look at the video below, it’s clear that I’ve been outdone – REALLY outdone: