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One of the biggest challenges for on set production with HDDSLR’s (or really any camera for that matter) is recording sound.  Unfortunately, no camera has an onboard microphone capable of recording sound that’s up to professional standards – to achieve such results you have to use an external audio device (I use a Sound Devices 744t) with a boom mic, lavalier mic, or both.

This of course means that once you get into the editing bay you have to sync all of your dailies to your recorded audio.  Because HDDSLR’s do not record time code this can be tricky.  I usually use my digital slate (by DENECKE) to apply a synced time code to the audio recorder.  The digital slate displays a running time code that the camera can see.  When I get to the editing bay, I pick a frame from the beginning of a clip where the slate is showing.  Using the time code that is displayed on the slate, I assign the clip a matching time code at that frame.  I can then merge this clip to the corresponding audio clip based on the time code and theoretically my audio will be synced.  Sound tedious? IT IS.

However there is an elegant solution for this by Singular Software called PluralEyes.  The program allows you to drop everything (video and audio) into one timeline and then simply command PluralEyes to sync everything in that timeline.  The program analyzes the waveform of the audio attached to your video, as well as that of the audio you recorded separately, and syncs them together on your timeline.  This is incredibly convenient, a huge time saver, and very cool.

PluralEyes is especially helpful when shooting multi-camera events (such as a concert or interview) because it lines everything up so that all you have to do in the edit is cut between your different camera setups.  No more syncing your video files, or even having to set up a multi track video project, because PluralEyes does it all for you – just by pressing a button.  It’s also helpful when you’re shooting in a guerilla or documentary style and there’s no time to jam time code – much less slate a shot.  And of course its useful to anyone shooting on an HDDSLR given the absence of timecode…

You can learn more by visiting Singular Software’s website.


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