Tech Tip Fridays: iPhone App Artemis

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The ARTEMIS app (by Chemical Wedding) is a fancy director’s viewfinder for the iPhone that answers the digital age question any director, DP, or photographer going into film might have: what lens should I use given the size of the sensor (and the resolution it is currently set to) that I am using today?

Most photographers and filmmakers know instinctually what field of view they are looking for in a lens, and can tell you exactly what lens they want on their 35mm camera. However, this process can become complicated as you begin to use a number of different cameras with different sensor sizes and their accompanying crop factors (for example, the Red One shoots a Super 35 format at 4k, but it crops into the sensor when it shoots 2k).

ARTEMIS is an elegant solution that allows you to point your iPhone in the direction you are shooting and, using the iPhone’s camera, see the exact outlines of what each standard lens will bring given the particular format and resolution setting on the camera you are using.

It works with everything from a Canon HDDSLR to a 65mm film camera – and pretty much every camera and lens in between – and at $29.99 it is pretty much a no brainer (especially when traditional viewfinders can cost hundreds).   There is also a nifty iPad app that I have yet to try out that apparently allows you to tether the iPhone to the iPad.

If you are interested in this app, go to the following link on iTunes by CLICKING HERE.