Free 3 Day HDDSLR Cinema Workshop starts streaming on April 30th

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We’ve been quite busy preparing for the 3 day workshop with creativeLIVE that will be streamed out to the web live starting next week on:

Friday, April 30th at 11 a.m. in Seattle, WA.

The workshop is FREE throughout the 3 day stream.

The goal of the workshop is to load up the internet pipes with as much information as possible relating to this “new” breed of HDDSLR cameras.

If you are interested in signing up for the free workshop please CLICK HERE NOW to reserve your spot.

It doesn’t cost you a thing – and helps us better estimate the bandwidth needs.

(If you will be away from an internet connection during that time and would like to have a copy of the workshop – the page will also give you an option to purchase a course download – which creativeLIVE is discounting PRIOR to the workshop.  Also please see below for more information on attending this workshop in person.)


The aforementioned schedule will allow you to watch the entire 3 day workshop – or to tune in for the specific section that you may have interest in.   This is an important goal of mine – as I expect that people from many different levels of experience will be tuning in.    So if you’d like to hear about how to best set the Picture Styles in your Canon 5D MKII or your White Balance – we’ll cover that.   If you’re only interested in tuning in to see the new Zeiss CP.2 Cinema style lenses and what they offer – feel free to tune in for just that portion as well.

The workshop will be broken down into 3 main sections: THEORY, GEAR/TECHNICAL, and LIVE SHOOTS (followed by some workflow examples that discuss basic editing, grading, and output.)

In the THEORY Section – we will be giving an overview of the “language of cinema” and discussing when to use certain techniques and more importantly “why” or to what effect.     This is the section where we’ll discuss why you’d want to shoot something with a handheld rig versus a slider or dolly.   And we’ll also discuss how to use that dolly for maximum effect.   We’ll also go over some important foundation blocks – such as the hierarchy of a film crew and discuss each crew member’s responsibilities:  don’t know what a Gaffer is or what a 1st AC does – we’ll discuss that.   For those that haven’t had a chance to go to film school – this should be a welcome introduction into the art of filmmaking.

In the GEAR/TECHNICAL Section – we’ll be looking at a LOT of gear.     We’ll start by going through the camera menus and discuss how to best set up picture styles, White Balance, shutter speeds and Apertures to shoot video with the HDDSLRs.     We’ll discuss the wide range of available lenses and discuss the use of filters – such as ND and Grad ND filters.   We’ll also explore the use of Canon EF lenses, vs Zeiss ZE and Zeiss CP.2 cinema lenses on productions.   And the list goes on and on – from exploring different fluid heads at different price points, as well as follow focus units (mechanical vs wireless), and all the way to different sliders, dollies, and JIBs.    We’ll go as far as to discuss wireless video output and different external monitors.    For this section you should expect to see a variety of gear and accessories from the following manufacturers:   Canon, Zeiss, Redrock Micro, LitePanels, IDX, Marshall Electronics, Zacuto, Arri, Porta-Jib, Micro Dolly Hollywood, Manfrotto, O’Connor, Cinevate, Kessler Crane, GlideTrack and others.  And don’t forget audio!  We’ll also give a basic primer on audio gear and basic techniques for

We are also opening up the course to 7 students who will be attending the presentation in person and participating in LIVE SHOOTS.   These 7 students will attend the workshop and engage in  live shoots with actors and we’ll walk through the use of much of the gear mentioned above and put the theory into practice as well.   This has always been one of the highlights of any of the workshops that I’ve taught in the past – as we can start to see it all come together.   If you are interested in being one of the 7 attendees – please CLICK HERE. These seats are obviously very scarce and will be opened up TOMORROW at 2 p.m. P.S.T. Thursday April 22nd – there will be 8 wait list spots as well.  Please note that we will be contacting the initial 7 people who sign up to confirm their participation and to go through some paperwork and a very quick interview prior to final confirmation.

The workshop will then culminate in a discuss of post workflow.   We’ll discuss several different ways to convert the H.264 footage to a variety of formats for editing (when necessary.)  We’ll go over a very basic introduction into a basic edit.   And I will then give a demo of color correction/grading in Final Cut Pro’s Color software.   And of course how to export your final films to a DVD, for the web, your iPhone – or pretty much any other format.