Canon & Vimeo Film Contest is Open

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The Canon & Vimeo contest page is live!

Please check it out – and see the videos as they come in

(You can enter NOW but have almost a month before we hit the first deadline.)

There is also a forum page for you to ask any questions and to share insights with others.

These the prizes that the winners will be able to choose from (total of 6 winners.)

So here are the rules…

And now let me translate them for you in plain english as best I can:

You can enter as of January 15th (now)  but there is no rush – you have just under a month to enter your submission for Chapter 2 – the first deadline is February 11, 2010  at 11:59.59 p.m. E.S.T…

Here’s how the competition works:

Canon gave me a still image to interpret into a short film.   My short film then ends on the still image below.

This image is your "starting point" for chapter 2 - your interpretation of it need not be exact or literal...

Now it’s YOUR turn to interpret the image above into your own 2-4 minute film- and end on YOUR still image…

On February 25th – the winner of Chapter 2 will be announced – and this starts all over again with that winner’s ending still image… Everyone will then start to submit their submissions for Chapter 3…  and so on an so on.  So you have a total of 6 chances to win in this 7 chapter long series.

The idea is to have 7 unique chapters that are threaded together with these connecting still images.    There is no need to have one continuous narrative through the 7 chapters – that may happen – but it’s not required or necessary.  We’re leaving things pretty open on purpose to see how where this social filmmaking experiment leads us all.   Some of you may choose to follow in this narrative – while others are more than welcome to shift the next chapter in a very different direction or style.

TO BE CLEAR:  while you may choose to continue the narrative of Chapter 1- you DO NOT have to… ALL THAT YOU NEED TO DO TO QUALIFY – is to have your film inspired by the ending still above. You should feel free to take the narrative into a totally different direction.   As long as your entry is inspired by the still above – and ends on another still that you choose – you qualify in my book.

Does this mean that your first shot of your film is shot in a warehouse – in my opinion no.  Does this mean that you have to have the same type of lighting… no.   Let your imagination take you somewhere and don’t feel limited or allow the image above to hinder your creativity in any way.

This is incredibly exciting – and I can’t wait to see the first entries come in.   Remember that you have a total of 6 chapters to enter – and therefore 6 chances to win.   Good luck!!!!