Videos of NYMAG Shoot from Last Week

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For some of you that may be following me on Twitter – you may have seen some video from a little over a week ago of our takeoff that I sent from my iPhone during the flight.

Here is a video that my pal Robert Caplin shot and that Laia Prats edited.  I’ve got to admit that I fell to the ground laughing when I heard their choice of music… that combined with some great onboard audio reminded me so much of the epic helicopter scene from “Apocalypse Now.

If you want to see a slightly more “serious” version here’s New York Magazine’s video on this same shoot – if anything fast forward to second 0:46 for a shot of us flying less than 20 feet off the deck – now that shot is SICK.

Major props goes to pilot Mike Kwas of Liberty Helicopters for a simply outstanding job navigating us so artfully between 2 boats, air traffic, and buoys!  This was definitely neither the first nor the last time he and I have flown together.

If you want to see the true look of a professional who’s focused like no other – check out Caplin’s video at 2:03.  Now that’s a PRO in the ZONE!!!  Not to mention that Mike Kwas had 4 Profoto 7Bs w/ Bitubes BLASTING in his face!  We used those to have a bit of sidelight at sunset and triggered them from the helicopter with Pocket Wizards.  As Mike Isler (my main guy / technical advisor) says in Borat voice – it was a “great success!!!!”

As you can see – we all had a blast – I had a great great time going back to NY after 6 months in LA w/o a flight over my #1 favorite place to fly over in the world!  Thanks to Jody Quon and Alex Pollack of New York Magazine (see link to the article for this piece here) for making this happen!

You can also read Robert Caplin’s account of the flight here.