Platon Audio

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Here is the long promised audio from Platon’s speech at the Eddie Adams Workshop from a few weeks ago.  It’s well worth a listen.

It’s one thing to have a few hours to photograph someone you know, or are being given a chance to get to know.   These days, when you’re asked to photograph a celebrity (or even just a CEO)  it’s more likely that you’ll find yourself photographing someone for a few seconds or less than 10 minutes – and that you’ll only be allowed to do so, if you agree to play by a long list of pre-determined rules.  

Pulling off an original image, navigating all of the politics, let alone capturing a moment,  is an art in it of itself.  And Platon talks at length about the process with incredible wit and frankness – and demonstrates how he has become a master of doing so.  

Enjoy and happy Turkey Day!  (If the Turkey’s putting you to sleep – this speech is sure to wake your right back up.)