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Comments: This is the BEST motion control system that I have used PERIOD.   There are more complex/expensive ones for sure (in hundreds of thousands to the millions of dollars…)   But this is the most customizable system I’ve ever used given that the motors are "servo" and digital i.e. they are self aware and can repeat moves with incredible precision.   To me this is the Rolls Royce of time lapse and motion control that "we" can afford if you will.


Description (from Kessler): This CineDrive 1-axis package has all of the tools to start building your CineDrive system beginning with a fully digital 1-axis slider set-up (slider not included). If you’re looking to add more CineDrive components in the future or are just seeking digital slider motion control via your laptop or iPad device this is the package for you. Perfect if you already own a Kessler camera slider.

CineDrive 3-Axis Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments: Want to add a little tilt and pan into your move… this is how – with digital precision nonetheless which is critical if you’re combining it with other moves such as a slide.  

Description (from Kessler): The CineDrive 3-axis package is Kessler’s original advanced CineDrive offering that includes a fully digital slider set-up (slider not included) as well as a CineDrive Pan & Tilt head. If you already own a Kessler slider or Shuttle Pod and want 3-axis motion control, this system is perfect for you.

CineDrive Motors

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Comments:  You can take these in the cold, damp, rugged – and they work like workhorses.

Description (from Kessler): Slide movements are an essential part of any filmmakers repertoire and CineDrive accomplishes them with precision. Although each of CineDrive’s optional slider motors can achieve an array of shots, to allow each user to customize their kit depending on the task at hand, we offer 5 different motors, each with unique gear ratios. We recommend the 100 series motor for most applications. If lifting (vertically) more than 12.5 lbs., we would suggest a stronger motor – however you will lose top end speed. (100 series is 2X faster than the 200 series when at the same speed setting)

CineDrive F.I.Z. Motor

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Comments:  Want to take your time lapses to the next level?  These motors will allow you to control either Focus, Zoom or Iris pulls (or a combination) along with your slide, tilt, and pan – which is pretty incredible.   It’s one thing to see a nice move, but when you add a focal change let alone a focus change it takes it to the next level.    When you add in the ability to perfectly open up the iris as the sun sets with a lens that has a geared iris – then you’re really onto something special that not many other systems can do.

Description (from Kessler): Pull external focus, iris & zoom to add rich quality and depth to films. With Cinedrive’s gear-driven-system and adjustable positioning it can be used with lenses of almost any size and is compatible with industry standard 15mm and 19mm rods. For more ultra-fine adjustment and super low profile setups, use the CineDrive F.I.Z Motor w/ Cinema Bracket. A CineDrive Brain and Motor Control Box are required for proper use.

CineDrive F.I.Z. Motor Cinema Bracket Upgrade Kit

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Comments:  For use with cine lenses as opposed to EF or ZE (still) lenses.

Description (from Kessler): o Upgrade your standard F.I.Z. Motor Bracket with the Cinema Bracket Upgrade Kit. The CineDrive F.I.Z. Motor with Cinema Bracket is the low-profile and compact solution for mounting CineDrive F.I.Z. motors, designed specifically for cinema lenses