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RRS B2 LLR II: 80mm LR clamp w/ dual mount   Mfr. Site

Comments: This may be – the single best mounting system out there.  I’m sure there are better high end solutions for the motion picture industry of course – actually I’ve used them.   But I have to say that for still photography AND HDDSLR video (any video to be honest) this is the most elegant, perfectly engineered solution to quickly mount and unmount a camera to something else:  either a tripod, a steadicam or pretty much anything else.   As you’ll see in the video below – it’s an incredibly elegant way to quickly connect and disconnect two tripods to a slider in a second or so – with little hassle.

 Forget rotating that tripod or monopod for 15-30 seconds while you’re missing the shot – these mounts clamp on SOLIDLY in a second.  I obviously cannot be more of a fan of this product than I am.   There is also a wonderful "L" bracket that allows you to go from horizontal to vertical move in seconds for still photographers.  If you need to slide a camera a little bit forward or backward (or to the left or right) in an HDDSLR rig this is also a very good solution.

Description (from Really Right Stuff): B2 LLR II is 80mm (3.15") long (lever adds add’l 5/8"), one central countersunk 3/8"-16 socket, two 1/4"-20 countersunk sockets 1.8" center-to-center, spirit level, safety stop relief grooves, and centering index marks, 5.9oz/168g