Support & Stabilization: Handheld

theEvent B&H Mfr. Site


Description (from Redrock Micro): Designed for extra stability while maintaining the freedom of handheld shooting, theEvent is designed with wedding/event and photojournalists in mind. theEvent sports two rugged handgrips and the microFinder loupe accessory, and adds our new microBrace body pad for and additional point of contact. Lightweight 6" carbon fiber rods keep the rig light and compact, and still allow enough room to add a microFollowFocus if desired.

eyeSpy B&H Mfr. Site


Description (from Redrock Micro): Sometimes the shoot requires a little more direct connection with the eyeball and camera. For a more traditional shouldermount shooting style we offer the EyeSpy rigs. EyeSpy starts with the shoulderpad, 18" 15mm carbon fiber rods, and single rubberized handgrip from the popular microShoulderMount. We’ve added an additional rod extension to center the camera for viewfinder use, and topped it off with the DSLR baseplate, and microFinder loupe accessory. You can also select versions that include the microFollowFocus v2 and the microBalance counterbalance weights for added stability and ease of use.