My Gear: RED EPIC Accessories


Here is the current rig that I have for my Epic – many of the pieces are still prototypes and aren’t yet listed on each manufacturer’s site.   Many of you are familiar with the fantastic build quality of the Element Technica accessories.  Everything they make is up to the highest standards and built to last.  Feel free to call Element Technica by phone for some of the Epic accessories not yet on their site… in the picture above you’ll see the top Epic cheese plate and the fan cover that aren’t yet listed on their site.  

  Mfr. Site

VL: I use this battery plate when I work with rods in a studio configuration – as seen in the image above. Note: Anton Bauer plate is a separate purchase.

Description (from Element Technica): Just as we did for the RED Battery Plate, Element is now providing a robust mechanical interface for the Anton Bauer QR-RED Battery Plate.

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VL:  For those who use IDX Batteries…

Description (from Element Technica): Through our partnership with IDX, we are proud to introduce the latest product in our line of battery plates, the IDX Advanced Battery Plate! This plate makes using RED batteries in conjunction with IDX Batteries as easy as flipping a switch. With the switch in the proper position, you will be able to receive battery status data in the viewfinder or on your monitor without the need to change the cable you are using. One Plate, One Cable, More Options.  Comes with LEMO Accessory Power and single D-Tap, both independently fused.  With the addition of a 15mm Speedy Clamp on the back of this model, you have a secure and convenient way to mount a power source anywhere along your 15mm iris rods.

NOTE: In order to use this plate, you will need to purchase an IDX Battery Cable for IDX Batteries, which can be found HERE.


If you have already purchased one of our IDX Battery Cables for RED Batteries it will work with this plate, but the positions of the switch will be reversed such that when you have it set to "Elite" it will display RED Battery Data, and vice versa.


Looking to get a package including an IDX Advanced Battery Plate, a charger, and IDX’s top of the line Elite Series Batteries? Check out IDX site HERE.

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VL:   This splacer / shim plate is necessary for use with most matte boxes – the Epic’s small size requires this extra spacing to center the lens.

Description (from Element Technica): The shim plate currently works with Hybrid bridge plates in both 19mm and 15mm rod support. It also works with the 15mm Red Bridge Plate, however it does not work with the 19mm Red Bridge Plate just yet.

Mfr. Site
VL: These mount to either the Hybrid Core or top/ cheese plates – great for attaching rods of course to mount follow focus, Prestons, matte boxes etc.

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VL:   This is at the heart of the system – the unit below has the Rod Brackets which make this become the core of your system.

Description (from Element Technica): The Element Technica Hybrid Bridge Plate is a giant step forward in bridge plate design. It is easily convertible between 15mm studio, 19mm studio, 15mm lightweight, and the Panavision rod standards. It can also be used with the Red, upcoming Epic and Scarlet, as well as Arri Cameras (Arri cameras require a 2.5mm shim plate).

*NOTE: pair of matching clamps required for rod support

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VL:  here is the core system with studio spacing  - excellent for building up your Epic.   You can use this to work on the Mantis, to keep things small and tight with minimal rods, or to rig up with a heavy lens.   Rock solid.

Description (from Element Technica): The 15mm Studio Kit replaces the 15mm Arri-Style Base on the RED One and includes the Hybrid Body Core and two 15mm Studio spacing clamps. Note: It can be upgraded at anytime to 19mm Studio support as well as 15mm Light Weight (LW) support.

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VL: I love these – they don’t budge.   You can use them for batteries, monitors, and any number of accessories.

Description (from Element Technica): Element Technica’s new accessory mounting system combines the ubiquitous V-Lock with our innovative SpeedyClamp to make the V-DOCK™. The V-Dock used in conjunction with the ISO-Plate greatly expands the kind of shooting conditions for the RED DRIVE by eliminating dropped frames in many of the situations considered Compact Flash only. It can be easily converted to a rigid mount for the RED RAM by substituting the individual shocks for stainless fasteners.  The V-Dock™ is an integral part of the Element Technica RED Drive Shock Mount System. The V-Dock comes in 15mm and 19mm models and clamps onto a single iris rod anywhere on the camera. It provides a female mechanical V-Lock interface for mounting the ISO-Plate and can also be used to mount a RED Battery Plate when combined with our aluminum interface plate (replacing the stock steel plate).

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VL:   This is perfect for mounting a small Epic package all the way up to a relatively heavy cinema lens.   You can quickly and easily slide the camera forward or backward for quick balancing.

Description (from Element Technica): Element Technica offers an improved version of the Arri standard dovetail with a modified outside edge to match the top of the OConnor fluid head. This feature allows you to eliminate the OConnor Euro quick release plate thereby eliminating two extra interconnects while reducing the stack height and increasing the fore and aft. Element’s Arri / OConnor style dovetail is compatible with our 15MM and 19MM RED bridge plates (available through, our Hybrid system, and all other Arriflex standard bridge plates.

  • compatible with 2060/2575/120EX
  • compatible with the Sachtler Cine 30

Mfr. Site

VL:  I’ve been a big fan of this hanhdeld rig – I love that you can go from handheld, to the Mantis, to the dovetail within seconds.

Description (from Element Technica):  The industry’s most configurable and innovative shoulder mounting solution for film and digital motion picture cameras. Fully compatible with the RED One of today, as well as the Scarlett and Epic of tomorrow.  Element Technica’s new hand-held system combines innovative design with exceptional workmanship and materials.

  • Dovetail interface allows quick setup; 20 seconds from tripod to hand held
  • Multi axis adjustment allows shoulder pad to conform to any shoulder
  • Two axis (rotational) adjustment shoulder pad
  • Fore/aft linear adjustment shoulder pad
  • Designed specifically for Arriflex style Hybrid bridge plates (435, Arricam, Moviecam, Phantom, etc.)
  • Utilizes conventional bicycle grips (use ours or bring your own)
  • Telescopic and rotating handle extensions
  • Handles and extensions use Arriflex compatible rosettes
  • Mounting point for ViewFactor Origo remote start/stop button
  • Available as a system or a la carte
  • RED One owners will need the ET Arri-Style Hybrid Base from or similar Arri compatible bridge plate.

MATRIX Cheese Plate Mfr. Site

VL:   This is the BEST solution I’ve found to mount my Anton Bauer units to the rear of the Epic snug and tight.  You can clamp it snug and tight to the redmote or leave yourself a bit of room depending on the rod length you choose.   Ultimately this can also support an AJA Ki Pro Minin box on the other side of the battery plate – so it’s incredibly versatile.   Note: Anton Bauer plate is a separate purchase.

Description (from Anton Bauer): The MATRIX Cheese Plate allows for a variety of mounting positions, vertical or horizontal. 15 mm or 19 mm Rod Clamp Kits Available.

Dionic HC Battery B&H Mfr. Site

VL: While many of you will initially start with basic handheld systems and the Zacuto Z-Finder to keep things simple (and rightfully so!) as you move into full day narrative or documentary shoots – you’ll find that you’ll need professional grade batteries to power your cameras, external monitors, motors, converter boxes etc etc.   Anton Bauer is the industry standard battery in the video and film world.  Their products are incredibly reliable – and precise. You will find that you can very easily read out the amount of juice you have left at anytime – and also the batteries will give you a read-out of how much time you have left at the current power draw which is incredibly useful.  Ergo if it’s late in the day and you’re low on juice – you can turn off one of your two onboard monitors to get some extra time before you empty the battery. The Anton Bauer batteries will power you cameras (with the Viewfactor Contineo cage on the Accessories page) your Marshall Monitors, your LitePanel Lights, you Preston FIZ or other motors, Steadicam units, and pretty much anything on set.   Therefore this is a longterm investment you can make witout much reservation.

Description (from Anton Bauer): The DIONIC HC is capable of delivering up to 10 amps for high current draw applications, including on-camera lighting. The 91 watt-hour DIONIC HC can operate a 40 Watt HD camera for over 2 hours.

Dionic 90 B&H Mfr. Site

VL: Basically this is the same battery as above – just a little lighter duty.

Description (from Anton Bauer): The DIONIC 90 can handle a 6 amp load and is the ideal battery choice when low weight and longer run-times are a priority.

O Box B&H Mfr. Site

VL:   One of my favorite matte boxes out there.

Description (from OConnor): The OConnor O-BOX WM Set (15mm LWS) is a matte box that includes the O-Box WM matte box, a wide mini sunshade, top flag, two 4 x 4" filter frames, two 4 x 5.65" filter frames, and a 15mm LWS rod bracket.

O Grips B&H Mfr. Site

VL: There are an incredible amount of handles out there for handheld configurations.   I recommend you try them all and see which works best for you if you have the privilege of being in a a market such as LA or NYC.   I’ve found these O Grips work extremely well for me because a. when you lock them down they don’t slip.  And that’s essential with any grip.   Second you can articulate two of these (I recommend you have 4 – 2 pieces to form each handle) in almost every angle you can conceive of.  If you’re pulling focus off of a follow focus unit you can articulate the O Grips to accommodate the best balance feel for yourself in terms of placing the handle near the FF unit.   You can also use this to prop the camera up on the ground -a substitute for a high hat in a pinch (if the camera is locked off of course.)   And you can also use these on the Viewfactor cage as and overhead handle.

Description (from OConnor): Constructed with a solid titanium core for extreme durability and reliability, O-Grips feature smooth-functioning, single-handle ball joints with a maximum payload capacity of 44 lbs (20 kg) – making them ideal for work with both smaller and larger cameras.  Modular O-Grips are stackable for custom applications and can be configured to create double or even multi-joint handles. Each grip is fully adjustable and is capable of a half sphere of stepless articulations.

1030HD Fluid Head B&H Mfr. Site

VL: Heavenly – perfect for the Epic in terms of weight size.  The pan/tilt friction is unparalleled – as is the ability to perfectly balance a camera so that you can let go of it "in position" without having to lock the unit down is something to marvel at.  Once you work with this fluid head you won’t want to work with anything else.  It’s an investment for sure – but one piece of gear you’ll use for the rest of your career.

Description (from OConnor): Designed to give you the ultimate control and stability for your HD shooting. The 1030HD has the same features and controls as our 2575 fluid head, the standard for 35mm film cameras. Featuring OConnor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. Add to this OConnor’s stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag specifically enhanced for HD applications, and you’ve got the best of all possible combinations.

Mobile Rocket for RED Rocket Mfr. Site

VL:   Forget trying to convert your RED 5K files on your laptop on the road – you need a RED Rocket card – and right now this is the way to go.   It will take a conversion that can take 30-45 minutes with a loaded MacBook Pro down to a few minutes.  Well worth the investment – and travels very well in a Pelican case.

Description (from Maxx Digital): The Mobile Rocket allows you to bring the functionality of the RED Rocket into the field with your Macbook Pro. Connecting through the Express 34 slot allows the RED Rocket full use of the 10Gb/sec PCI-express extender technology for unprecedented troughput. Through rigorous testing within RED, the Mobile Rocket is the only product manufactured outside of RED to have the honor of carrying the RED Digital Cinema badge.


AJA Ki Pro Mini Compact FIeld Recorder B&H Mfr. Site


Description: The Aja Ki Pro Mini Compact Field Recorder adds extreme portability to the Ki Pro family. Bringing a file-based workflow to any production to be edited on Final Cut Pro, this miniature field recorder not only records edit-ready Apple ProRes footage from any SDI or HDMI video camera, it does so on easily available Compact Flash cards. Its small form factor allows it to be mounted on a tripod or camera with industry-standard adapters, while its powerful support of both SD and HD recording–via both SDI and HDMI–makes it an invaluable tool for on-set digital capture.

11 – 16mm T/2.8
Mfr. Site
Description (from Duclos): Duclos Lenses has developed a conversion process for the Tokina 11-16mm ultra-wide angle lens. Most obvious is the PL mount that interfaces with any PL mount camera including the RED One. More subtle yet most important is the activated manual aperture control. Lubricated, geared, and marked, the new aperture ring allows precise control for the user. The outer shell of the lens has been replaced with black anodized aluminum. Internal components are refined and reenforced. The final product is a small, lightweight lens perfectly capable of holding it’s own against the likes of other motion picture optics.
70 – 200mm Nikkor
Mfr. Site
Description (from Duclos): The Nikkor 70-200mm is an optical feat. Extremely sharp from corner to corner, a full frame image circle with no vignetting, and a relatively light weight design for such a focal length. This makes the 70-200mm a perfect candidate for Duclos Lenses’ cinema conversion process. We took the best optics from the still photography world and combined it with the solid, reliable build quality of the motion picture industry. The result is a light weight, fast telephoto zoom with an extended focus throw and a manual aperture ring. The body has been replaced with aluminum barrels and the mechanics have been refined to allow repeatable, precise focus pulls. With an extended and reversed rotation of approximately 180°, the Duclos 70-200mm feels and performs like a cine lens. An interchangeable neutral mount allows the user to choose between PL, Canon Eos, Nikon F, Micro 4/3 or Panavision mount.
CP.2 Distagon 18mm T/3.6 B&H Mfr. Site
Description: The Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 18mm/T3.6 Cine Lens (PL Mount) is part of the second generation of CP cinema lenses that were the first to offer full-frame 35mm coverage of large sensor DSLRs (such as the Canon 5D Mark II).
CP.2 Distagon 25mm T/2.9 B&H Mfr. Site
Description: The Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 25mm/T2.9 Cine Lens (PL Mount) is part of the second generation of CP cinema lenses that were the first to offer full-frame 35mm coverage of large sensor DSLRs (such as the Canon 5D Mark II).
CP.2 Distagon 50mm T/2.1 B&H Mfr. Site


Description: The Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 50mm/T2.1 Cine Lens (PL Mount) is part of the second generation of CP cinema lenses that were the first to offer full-frame 35mm coverage of large sensor DSLRs (such as the Canon 5D Mark II).

CP.2 Distagon 85mm T/2.1 B&H Mfr. Site


Description: The Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 85mm/T2.1 Cine Lens (PL Mount) is part of the second generation of CP cinema lenses that were the first to offer full-frame 35mm coverage of large sensor DSLRs (such as the Canon 5D Mark II).