HDDSLR Run N’ Gun Kit

Check out the full kit bundle on B&H, which includes the pieces listed below!

Like the previous configuration, this is also intended for people who have a run and gun shooting style and it allows the user the flexibility to move into a more cinema-style system down the road.  Based on Shane Hurlbut’s ManCam (available in a similar variation from Redrock micro), this kit steps into more professional territory as it allows you to expand upon the basic items I have listed here and build it into a more robust cinema kit over time.  The manCam’s signature offset hand grips  give your arms a more rigid structure and promote stability without having to press anything against your torso or shoulder.  Notice that the grips are fixed to a DSLR baseplate and carbon fiber rods – this is the most essential piece for expanding your kit as it provides the support for items you want to add to your kit (Matte Box, Follow Focus, etc…) in other words these are parts that you can grow with – and that you’ll use on more complex rigs if you decide to grow your kit. You will also notice I have attached a handle to the top of the camera using the hot show mount.  This gives the user an extra way to carry this configuration around while you aren’t shooting – and shoot great low angle shots and to make simple (handheld) dolly and jib moves.  While the offset arms of the ManCam enhance stability – they are not ideal for carrying your camera over a long period of time (your arms will tire.)  You will also notice that I have mounted an accessory arm to the top of the handle and fixed a Marshall 5" monitor to that.  On this configuration I have abandoned the Z-finder in favor of this since the rig is more suitable for "shooting from the hip" rather than in front of your face.  The lightweight Marshall monitor on the adjustable arm allows you to position the monitor to your liking while holding the camera and rig away from your body.

PLEASE NOTE:  You can read a LOT more detail about rigs, lenses, tripods, steadicams, jibs, lights, batteries, cards, software – YOU NAME IT as well as WHY I use it the PROS and CONS of each and examples on the MY GEAR section of this site.

TRIPOD:  As you have heard me mention before – not all films are shot on a hand-held rig – and so some sort of rigid support is necessary.  If you want to keep things light and simple – a good fluid would be the 701HDV with the 351MBV2 legs from Manfrotto.  However, if you want to build this kit into a full support system – then  I recommend the 504HD Head and the 546 Video Pro Legs or the 536 Carbon Fiber legs, also by Manfrotto.  These are professional grade sticks that will last you a life time.  Head over to the Tripod Page to check them out.



DSLR Baseplate B&H Mfr. Site
The mounting point for your HDDSLR (such as the Canon 5D or 7D) with set screws for both Canon and Nikon DSLRs. This baseplate also serves as a quick release, allowing you to easily remove and mount your camera on any 15mm lightweight rod configurations.
9" 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods B&H Mfr. Site
The foundation to any serious cinema kit, rods allow you to mount any number of accessories essential to the art of cinematography. These 9" rods serve as the base of this configuration and the mounting point for the DSLR Baseplate, 4" Grip Rods, and microSupport Cheeseplate.
(2) microHandGrips B&H Mfr. Site
A versatile hand grip that mounts to any 15mm rod. In this configuration, these hand grips are used as an offset pair of handlebars for the most versatile operation in any environment.
microSupport Cheeseplate B&H Mfr. Site
This microSupport Cheeseplate allows this configuration to be mounted to any number of camera support solutions that take a 1/4" 20 or 3/8" 16 screw: Tripods, Jibs, Cranes, etc.
microClamp B&H Mfr. Site
This microClamp attaches to the microSupport Cheesplate, allowing it to be mounted on 15mm rods in a lightweight configuration.
(2) Grip Rod – 4" B&H Mfr. Site
The 4" Grip Rods mount to the 9" Carbon Fiber Rods to serve as extensions for the microHandGrips, allowing the operator to adjust both the width and length of their reach.
microHandle Plus B&H Mfr. Site
This hotshoe mounted microHandle Plus provides a top handle for both low-mode operation of the camera system, as well as a convenient carrying handle when in-between setups.
microArm (long) B&H Mfr. Site
This microArm (long) mounts to the top of the microHandle Plus and supports the 5" Marshall monitor, allowing the monitor to be placed in any number of angles for easy viewing and operation.
V-LCD50-HDMI  5" Monitor B&H Mfr. Site
The 5" Marshall Electronics Monitor is a great substitute for the DSLR’s back panel LCD screen, allowing the operator to easily judge focus and operate the camera from any angle. The best feature about this monitor is its ability to run solely off of 4 AA batteries, reducing overall weight and making this monitor more portable than ever.