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The following are kits that I have put together using Redrock Micro customizable parts and a variety of other accessories from different manufacturers – basically what I would recommend you use and the ones that I use (I obviously tend to gravitate to the higher end units.)  The kits are organized in varying levels of complexity based on the shooting needs of different photographers and videographers.  The beauty about HDDSLRs is that they apply to people from an incredible range of experience and production levels:  from the person who is dipping their toes into video for the first time -all the way to big time commercials and Hollywood productions.

PLEASE NOTE:  You can read a LOT more detail about rigs, lenses, tripods, steadicams, jibs, lights, batteries, cards, software – YOU NAME IT as well as WHY I use it the PROS and CONS of each and examples on the MY GEAR section of this site. CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO SEE VIDEOS AND RIGS IN DETAIL:


HDDSLR Low Profile Kit - This is a simple kit that is meant for photographers who want to capture video and have a need to stabilize their camera.  This one comes under the K.I.S.S. Acronym:  Keep It Simple S…

HDDSLR Run N’ Gun KitThis kit is slightly more complex, as it starts incorporating a support system for a variety of cinema rig accessories.  It is meant for those who want to give their DSLR some cinema functionality, but want to maintain mobility.  This is a good starting point for most.

HDDSRL Indie Filmmaker KitThis kit is intended for the Indie Filmmaker – all the way up to the serious filmmaker.   I’m including two configurations, both handheld rigs – one with a viewfinder, and the other with a Marshall monitor.  You should note that you can take any piece of kit from Kit #4 and include it with this kit of course.   One of the main advantages of doing that – is having the black magic box on there – this will allow you to share the video signal with your client/director/dp etc – which is critical on any serious job.   You can get even fancier and include a Cube or Boxx wireless transmitter as well.

HDDSLR Ultimate Rig - This is the dream kit.  With many of the top of the line pieces available today.  It’s what I’m fortunate enough to be using.   That being said – we all have budgets and therefore keep in mind that you can RENT most of this stuff!   So go ahead and look through the way the kit is built – and remember that you can incorporate many of the parts you see on this kit with Kit #3 and possibly Kit #2.

TripodsEach of these custom configurations are built for handheld use – but you’ll quickly find that you need get the camera off your shoulder and lock it down for a nice steady shot – or better yet, use a great fluid head to add a sense of motion even though you aren’t physically moving the camera itself. You will find a number of tripod sticks and heads that i recommend to supplement your kit.