My Gear: Lighting

Area 48 LED   Mfr. Site

Comments:  This is the best "small" light I’ve ever used.   The light quality is simply phenomenal and the power is intense – most experience gaffers can’t believe how much light this little unit puts out, and the fact that it can work off an Anton Bauer or IDX battery makes it that much more versatile.  For more information read the following full review and / or watch the video below to see with your own eyes…

Description (from BBS): The AREA-48 LED HD-friendly 97 CRI soft light output is comparable to a 1K traditional soft light and represents the next-generation in lighting technology for studio and location work. BBS’s new integrated LED technology moves the phosphor away from the LED itself, thereby greatly improving color rendering, consistency, and light output. The system’s color rendering accuracy is up to 97 CRI with multiple power options including an integrated battery or standard AC power. Moreover, the phosphor panels themselves are interchangeable, allowing you to quickly change the fixture from Daylight to Tungsten, to Chroma-Green, all in a matter of seconds.

Lighting Force V   Mfr. Site

Comments: My favorite lighthing tool – definitely a bit fancy for most, but this is the way to create realistic window light and to make a room glow, even on a set – and make people believe sunlight is coming through the window.  And that’s just scratching the surface in terms of what this light can do –read a review here.


Description (from BBS):The Force V LED from BBS Lighting is the most powerful LED ’FORCE’ ever. A complete LED Retrofit Kit for third party optics that sets new standards for white light LED with up to CRI 94 with very low power consumption.

  1×1 LED   Mfr. Site

Comments: This is the best value you will find out there in terms of price – it’s 40% cheaper than the competition, 40% brighter and is significantly more color accurate.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s really not.   This is the next generation of LED lighting and is lighter, has more mounting points, can switch from daylight to tungsten or anywhere in between instantly and even has a handle in the back.

Description (from Visual Buddha): The new VISUAL BUDDHA™ variable color LED 1×1 panels offer High 93+ CRI, high quality, soft, directional light at an affordable price. Backed by industry professionals, the Visual Buddha LED 1×1 Bi-Color light comes with a free V-Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plate mounted to the back panel, and features the ability to instantly dial up color temperatures from cool-white daylight to warm-white tungsten (and anywhere in between).

Croma Buy From B&H Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments:  This light is a camera-top light in the same vein as the MicroPro (below).  However this light allows you to adjust the color temperature.  Great light for documentary and video journalism.

Description (from LitePanels): The Croma™ is a sleekly designed, camera-mounted LED lighting fixture that provides Litepanels hallmark soft light with the addition of variable color temperature output. It is a versatile solution for run-and-gun news shooters, event videographers or still photographers who move rapidly from one light environment to the next, with no time to change lighting equipment or add gels. Delivering powerful performance in a small package, this self-contained light can be a secret weapon on any set or location, wherever extra kick or nice fill is needed.

Micro Pro B&H Mfr. Site

Comments: This unit has become so popular (because it uses AAs and can mount on a hotshoe) that I’m seeing a lot of still photographers using them!  They are perfect for video as well of course.

Description (from LitePanels): The professional LED light that runs off 6 standard AA batteries. MicroPro daylight on-camera lighting fixtures harness the company’s proprietary LED technology in ultra-lightweight, compact package. With twice the illumination of the Litpanels Micro, the MicroPro offers luminous, soft, directional lighting, with the same warmth and great color characteristics that made Litepanels an integral part of television, broadcast news & motion picture productions worldwide. Shift-free, Flicker-free, Heat-free At the top of the Micro Pro housing is a convenient integrated dimmer dial that puts instant 100% to 0 dimming with minimal color shift right at the operator’s fingertips. Output is flicker-free and heat-free and remains consistent.

MiniPlus B&H Mfr. Site

Comments: This is officially the first "cinema" light I ever used – I used one of these (and a regular Profoto 7B strobe unit’s modelling lamp) exclusively – to light "Reverie".   The scene in the helicopter was light with the MiniPlus at the end of a monopod, as were all of the scenes in the car – the MiniPlus was set down atop the column of the steering wheel… et voila! This is one of the very best compact, dimmable light out there.  You can sneak it in pretty much anywhere – and use it as a key light (indoors or at night) or a little fill light for the eyes.  It’s battery operated (or AC) and will fit pretty much anywhere.

 I can’t say enough about it.  This is to a videographer what a strobe is to any photographer: a no brainer-bring-with-you-everywhere-always-light…

Description (from LitePanels): Building on the success of the popular Litepanels Mini, the compact, portable, dimmable LED softlight, the new MiniPlus offers an upgraded design and new features. Available in daylight (flood and spot) and tungsten (flood) models, the powerful new system provides soft, directional output. This broad lighting source is ideal to mount on a camera, wall, or any place that calls for a highly portable softlight.


L-758C Cine Light Meter B&H Mfr. Site

Comments: While I RARELY use these anymore (I use scopes on cameras and monitors) it never hurts to have this part of your kit when you’re on a large set or away from monitor – or need to know exactly WHICH individual light is doing WHAT.

Description (from Sekonic): The Sekonic L-758C Cine Light Meter is the world’s first multi-function light meter that can be programmed to match and be calibrated to the sensitivity of your digital camera sensor or type of film for perfect exposure control.  They have produced an incredible meter that more than meets the needs of the photographic community. This full-featured meter will definitely make everyone happy as it is loaded with every imaginable feature – and then some…