HDDSLR Low Profile Kit

Check out the kit bundle on B&H, which includes all the pieces listed below!

This is a relatively simple kit – it is intended for those who want to shoot video on the fly (a documentarian, photojournalist, or war photographer, for example), and are in need of some stabilization for their shots without all the extra added weight of a DSLR Rig.  The majority of the rig is based on Redrock Micro’s nano "Running Man" kit (pieces listed below).  This particular setup allows you to have an extra point of contact with your shoulder while holding the camera from grip mounted beneath it.  Add a Zacuto Z-Finder (2.5x) to this for ease of monitoring and you get an addition point of contact with the loupe against your eye. Unfortunately this kit does not allow you to build out.  It will supply you with a few pieces that you could ultimately use in building a more cinematically inclined rig, such as the handgrip and Z-Finder, but on the whole you won’t be able to do much with it.  This is why I recommend this rig for those who are either just starting out, or shooting video on the fly – probably in conjunction with stills.  It is not a rig for filmmaking per se – but will give you a leg up on the quality of video you shoot with your DSLR.

PLEASE NOTE:  You can read a LOT more detail about rigs, lenses, tripods, steadicams, jibs, lights, batteries, cards, software – YOU NAME IT as well as WHY I use it the PROS and CONS of each and examples on the MY GEAR section of this site.

TRIPOD:  As you have heard me mention before – not all films are shot on a hand-held rig – and so some sort of rigid support is necessary.  In keeping with the purpose of this kit (to keep things light and simple) I recommend the 701HDV with the 546B legs from Manfrotto.  Head over to the Tripod Page to check them out.



nano DSLR Baseplate B&H Mfr. Site
The mounting point for your HDDSLR (such as the Canon 5D or 7D) with set screws for both Canon and Nikon DSLRs.
microHandGrip B&H Mfr. Site
A versatile hand grip that mounts to any 15mm rod. In the nano Running Man, this hand grip is used as one point of stabilization for the system, as well as a solid grip point for the operator.
microBrace Body Pad B&H Mfr. Site
This microBrace serves the same purpose as most gun stocks–a solid point of stabilization against the shoulder.
Grip Rod – 4" B&H Mfr. Site
The 4" Grip Rod forms the base of the camera support–connecting both the nano DSLR Baseplate and microHandGrip to the main 8" Grip Rod.
Grip Rod – 8" B&H Mfr. Site
This 8" Grip Rod serves as the main structural support connecting the microBrace to the camera support structure.
microMount B&H Mfr. Site
The microMount serves as a "hinge" to the whole configuration, connecting the main structural support to the base camera support structure. This piece also allows the user to adjust both the length and pitch of the configuration for maximum comfort and usability.
Z-Finder 2.5x B&H Mfr. Site
The Z-Finder attaches directly to the DSLR’s LCD screen to not only serve as a viewfinder–both magnifying the image and allowing for easier focus control–but it also acts as yet another point of stabilization against the body.