microFollowFocus v2 B&H Mfr. Site

Comments: A solid follow focus system – greatly improved over the first version.

Description (from Redrock Micro): The microFollowFocus version 2 is a new version of the award-winning microFollowFocus. The new version sports a quick release clamp, lighter weight design, and compatibility with the Redrock 19mm follow focus clamp.

  ARRI FF-1   Mfr. Site

Comments: THE BEST compact follow focus PERIOD.   But too expensive for most.  That being said, it’s the only one I use.   You can switch incredibly fast and that’s ultimately what production is all about:  saving time.

Description (from ARRI): Highly adjustable, and with an optional 15mm – 19mm rod adapter, the FF-1 is compatible with virtually all full-sized HD cameras, RED One and film cameras. The marking disk is beveled for easy viewing of marks over a wide angle, and handwheel can be adjusted vertically for hard to reach setups and support in handheld operation.

CFF-1 Follow Focus B&H Mfr. Site

Comments: This is the high end of follow focusing units – it’s incredibly smooth and has different gears for different speeds.  It’s one of the units that you use for life.

Description (from OConnor): The CFF-1’s multifunctional, modular design eliminates the hassle of having to juggle separate bridge plates. A single, easy to use snap-on bridge clamps effortlessly onto either 15mm or 19mm studio rod systems. (An optional LWS bridge is also available.) The OConnor integrated approach lets the operator straddle the line between both standards with ease and efficiency. With the lowest clearance available in a double-sided studio unit, OConnor’s follow focus is ideal for large diameter lenses—and protects the user’s equipment investment by ensuring compatibility with optical systems now and into the future.

  Axis 1 Single Channel Remote Focus System Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments: I’ve worked with every wireless follow focus system out there.   The Preston FIZ is the king of the hill but comes with a whopper of a price tag.   The Bartech will introduce a delay the further the receiver is from the transmitter.   This is clearly the single best wireless focus I have used in terms of performance and price.  The build quality is flawless, the unit is plug and play and calibrates in under 5 seconds.   Veteran Hollywood ACs have given this the nod and one called it the "Rolls Royce" of single channel wireless focus systems.   You can’t ask for much more than that.   This is a hefty investment for most, but it’s one you’ll use for quite a long time to come.   The ability to start/stop with many cameras is also a huge plus as the operator (on the MōVI) can seldom easily reach to stop/start most cameras as their hands are usually busy holding the unit.   I’ve also used this system w/ 30~300mm zoom lenses, stiff cine lenses, and Canon EF lenses – they all work wonderfully with what is a fantastic motor.  I power this unit w/ D-Tap power most of the time from a camera output, an Anton Bauer battery + plate w/ D-Tap outlet, or directly from a Lipo battery.

Description (from Hocus Products): The Axis1 is a simple but full featured single channel professional remote focus system, designed for the high end professional. Built to be simple, easy and robust, it can handle any lens, including the stiffest freezing cold cine zooms, and can even be manually set to work on cheaper stopless DSLR lenses.

microRemote Wireless Lens Control System B&H Mfr. Site

Comments:  While I can’t quite praise this unit the same way I would the Axis 1 above, this is an incredible value in terms of what you get vs what you pay for.    The motor is not as powerful as the Axis, it’s noisier, and there may be a delay between how fast you turn the follow focus and how fast the lens rotates (due to weight/torque etc.)  But for most people:  that’s totally acceptable – and that’s especially true when you consider how (relatively!) affordable this kit is.   The thumb wheel is another secret weapon here – this allows a solo operator to walk the MōVI AND pull focus.  This becomes quite a bit to do – but we don’t all have the luxury of a 1st AC so it’s a wonderful tool to have at your disposition.   I power this unit w/ D-Tap power most of the time from a camera output, an Anton Bauer battery + plate w/ D-Tap outlet, or directly from a Lipo battery.

Description (from B&H): The microRemote from Redrock Micro is a wireless lens control system. The system is comprised of three main components, the microRemote handheld wireless controller, the microRemote Basestation and a Redrock Torque motor. This bundle also includes the microRemote Wireless Cable Pack and a 120v AC Adapter. The microRemote works on virtually any lens with standard 0.8 film pitch gears.

microLensGears Buy From B&H Rent From LensProToGo Mfr. Site

Comments: If you don’t want to modify your lenses (with permanent gears) this is the way to go.  Some people like the extra "throw" you get given the larger diameter.  I prefer not having to mess with putting gears on lenses as it can take time and the lenses obviously take more space in your bag/case when you leave the gears mounted.   With EF lenses that rotate endlessly – you need to make sure to align these carefully with your follow focus unit so that the tightening section never makes contact with your FF gear.  Overall – this is an excellent way to start.  As you work on more expensive productions – the time you take to put these on and off justifies CP.2 lenses or permanent gears on your glass in my opinion.

Description (from Redrock Micro): microLensGears are industry-standard film pitch (0.8 mod 32) designed to gear your still photography lenses (canon, nikon, pentax, etc.) for use with the microFollowFocus.